20% off + free shipping!!!

  1. Disclaimer: this may be one of those hit and miss kinda deals, but if you're going to buy something from their website, then you should DEFINITELY try this.

    I called customer service and told them that I found a code online for 20% off and free shipping. The representative said, "Can I have your order number? Ok, let me change that for you..." and DONE.

    Seriously, that was it. I got this idea from retailmenot. Apparently, other people have also done this. Some people have had a harder time than others depending on which customer service rep they talked to. SO, if you get a meanie then either push for the discount or hang up and call back to speak to somebody else.

    BTW, the code is CFF117 in case they ask for it. Also, there's only free shipping if you spend $99. If you spend close to $99, they might be nice and just give it to you. My order was originally $50 (not enough for free shipping), so she suggested I buy 2 of the same item and just return one in the store. Good luck!
  2. Sounds like you got a great SA !
  3. God, they are the most confusing store for coupons and codes that I have ever seen. I have given up trying to figure them out.