macy's code?

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  1. hello :heart: does anyone have a macy's code for free shipping? i'm trying to get a few sale items with a gift card, but my shipping is $19 :cursing:... wtf

    (ps- if it's a one-time-use, could you PM me?)

  2. I have a few Macy's codes I'm not using. I think these are all one-time use, so have at it:smile:

    $15 off $100+, no expiration I can see: [FONT=verdana,arial,sans-serif]X70081NZ4HL7[/FONT]
    Free shipping on $100+, expires 1/28/09: X80LG1VQZR2U
    Free shipping on $100+, expires 2/04/09: X50YK1ZH6NPA
    Free shipping on $100+, expires 2/08/09: X50JW1ZY4N1Q

  3. T59ML26EJS: Free shipping with a $75 purchase
  4. ah man! i just ordered my stuff anyway because i thought no one had a code.. their shipping is unbelievably expensive! oh well, hopefully someone else can use the codes :smile: thanks
  5. i used X80LG1VQZR2U. thank you!!! :yahoo:
  6. I used this code and was able to save $14.95 on shipping! :okay:Thanks!!!
  7. Any Macy's free shipping code pls?:heart:
  8. If you are buying jewelry (purchases $125 or more) use the code: VALENTINE