Macy's coach shoes going on clearance mon.

  1. Hey guys, this is my first post.

    For those of you in Macy's south states...TX, GA, VA, TN, LA, AL... Coach shoes are getting marked down on Monday. Reina is going half off. Brook slingback, ladie in both signature and legacy stripe, Sebrina clog, odette are also going on clearance. I know that the Valley View Macy's store in Dallas has alot of Reina and ladie in legacy, but only one brook and sebrina left.
  2. wait why not us guys on top too??? :'( i thought macys stopped with that macys east west south shtuff! so maybe they re going on sale in new york too!!!
  3. What about California?
  4. Macy's is still divided into; macy's north, south, east, west, florida, midwest, northwest. That's why coupons and promotions from say new york don't work in Texas or California. I just know what is going on in Macy's south.
  5. Thanks! If anyone knows the prices on the ladie flats, let me know. I will have them shipped. I really want the black leather signature ones.
  6. I was at a macys today and there weren't any on Clearance. There were some sandals on sale but that was about it.
  7. So has anyone got any shoes? What? Price? and Where?
  8. Anyone?

    Does anyone know what the price is on the ladie flats?
  9. We never got the leather ladie, we have the legacy and the signature fabric ladies and the signature fabric is 116, I think.
  10. Thanks Coddat.
  11. Anyone else gone shoe shopping in TX, GA, VA, TN, LA, AL ?
  12. Here I've only seen the legacy stripe Ladie flats and they were like $96.....don't think they had the signature or the leather.....
  13. Just one more thing to add, at least in TX, for one day sale all shoes including clearance and regular prices shoes including the coach are going to be an 15% off till 1:30 pm
  14. So this will be on saturday?
  15. I know friday for sure, sat. probably since friday is just a preview day.