Macy's choose yor own day 15%

  1. Can Macy's choose yor own day 15% be used on Tokidoki's? The back saws excudes...... designer and bridge shoes and handbags for her.......
  2. I used mine over the phone for my purchases about a month ago. I was able to use it along with their 20% off sale.
  3. I've used it on toki in the past.
  4. Annie, I have that 15 % off coupon and when Macys was having the 20% off sale, the SA did not let me stack the coupon..:sad: oh well.. I think it depends on the SA.
  5. yah the manager spoke with me saying you cannot stack it..but i think if a SA is clueless and it somehow goes through, then you're in luck!
  6. Yep...that's what happened to me. I got lucky and got a clueless SA....but who got her managers approval and signature on my receipt! I also got free shipping on that particular order because she was so clueless she told me I'd get it alot sooner than I did. I just ordered from stated it won't ship out until May 7th! That seems ridiculous! then up to 2 weeks to ship....thats 3 weeks to get a toki bag?
  7. annie b - when i order from macy's ( i've ordered twice in the last two weeks -- don't ask --) it always states longer than what it actually takes to ship out. you should get a follow up email sooner than that and it will include a tracking number from ups. ups is another story. my items take longer than usual from them when it's coming from macys.
  8. How do you get the 'choose your own day 15%' coupon?
  9. Thanks Hoot....I'll hope for that!
    Azumie....mine came in a statement when I first opened my new account with them.
  10. oh man i just ordered stuff from, that means its gonna take forever for me to get my bags then huh? phooey
  11. Oh ic...Thanks! ;)
  12. Hoot was right...I just got an email this morning saying that my order has shipped and I should have it by the that wasn't too bad....means only a week from start to finish! Much better than I thought...but....they aren't here yet either!

  13. ( Big off-topic, I LOVEEEEE your new avatar and signature! :heart::heart::heart: :love::love::love: ).
  14. Me too Azumie...too too cute pooch!