Macy's Chicago State Street

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  1. I go in this store about once a week to check out the bags. So for anyone else who lives in the area, I thought I'd provide you with periodic updates.

    Here's what they had today:

    8 Adios Star BV's
    3 Adios Star Zucca's
    1 Adios Star Bambinone
    ~4 L'amore BV's
    1 L'amore Ciao Ciao
    ~5 Pirata BV's
    ~6 Pirata Zuccas
    ~4 Pirata Giocos
    1 Pirata Ciao Ciao

    Still nothing in Spiaggia.

    Oh, and for this particular store, the 25% off Lesportsac, does NOT include Tokidoki.
  2. so dangerous when i move there in august!
  3. Anyone know if Macy's or other departmental store replenishes their stock (Tokidoki) or once a style is sold out, then that is it.
  4. Well at this store, the Adios BV's and the Pirata Gioco's were not on display last week.
  5. my friend is enroute to send me photos of the zucca and bambinone in adios star. she has a macy's coupon and hoping it works!
  6. I know Macy's replenishes.

    Since I've been buying toki (early March), the Macy's in Denver has gotten new stock in Pirata and Adios 3 times. Amore has come in twice. They are still selling their original stock of Spiaggia - but it only came in two weeks ago.

    (It is amazing to me that ALL of the Pirata Zuccas they got in over a month ago are still sitting there....)
  7. ooh Adios Star zuccas ... I don't think I ever saw Adios Star zuccas at my macy's ... just other styles instead .. drat ..
  8. *UPDATE*

    Here's what Macy's Chicago State Street had today:

    7 Adios Star BV's
    3 Adios Star Zucca's
    1 Adios Star Bambinone

    5 L'amore BV's

    5 Pirata Gioco's
    ~7 Pirata Zucca's
    ~8 Pirata BV's

    Several Notte items... but I don't pay much attention to those.

    No Spiaggia. I spoke to a very helpful SA about what Toki's they were expecting in. The information she had did not show anything regarding getting Spiaggia in.
  9. are they all full retail?
  10. Yeah state stree is 2 train rides away from me so I would go there if its onsale
  11. I am so screwed when I move in the end of July.
  12. Yes, full retail. Only the regular LeSportsac's are on sale.
  13. thank you!
  14. Thanks for the update! I'm in the Chicago area, too! I might have to check out those Pirata Zuccas!!!
  15. *UPDATE*

    Here's what they had today:

    7 Adios Star BV's
    3 Adios Star Zuccas

    2 L'amore BV's

    6 Pirata BV's
    3 Pirate Giocos
    6 Pirata Zuccas