Macy's CC customer service sucks!

  1. I'm so pissed off with Macy's CC customer service!!!!!!!

    I recently got talked into opening a macy's acct because the sales said i would get an extra 20% discount. Great...saved a lot of money, but two weeks later i realised the jeans i bought were so much cheaper at Saks! So i went back and returned the jeans, and just today i received a statement from Macy's stating i still owed $45 dollars plus $15 in late fee and like $2 dollars in finance charges. I'm like WTH :wtf:???? So i call...i wait to talk to someone for like 10 mins, then she tells me that i owe $70 bucks..yea i kno, but i returned EVERYTHING so how can i have a $45 balance?!?!? i told her. She goes ok..hold on, and puts me on hold for a good 25 mins and then the line goes DEAD!! ok ..seriously wtf?!? I call back and now im pissed off! I've been waiting 10 mins now to talk to someone over there...still holding as of right now. And i'm completely pissed off...i am cancelling that stupid card rite now!!!:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  2. I hate it when I hear stories like this. It seems to me that there IS NO "customer service" anymore anywhere. (You know, except for Walmart here for some reason... I've never had a problem there, but it is a small town and everyone knows everyone else.)

    I absolutley HATE how they rook people in with the credit card offers. The small print has you practically promising them your firstborn.

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this right now. I hope you get it straightened out soon!
  3. So sorry to hear about your issues with Macy's. I think a lot of people are having problems with their Macy's cards.

    I signed up for a Macy's CC at the beginning of the Christmas sales. Five weeks later, I still didn't get the card in the mail. Called customer service, and was on hold forever like you. First they couldn't find my information, asking me if I was sure I had a card. Then it turns out they had the wrong address for me. The card finally comes a week later, but I still haven't gotten a statement. I'm gonna be pissed if they try to charge me a late fee. I think I'm gonna end up canceling too.

    In general I think Macy's service leaves something to be desired. Things went down hill after they took over May Company.
  4. OMG! So i finally get to takl to someone and the lady is telling me that since i got a 20% discount on the jeans when i opened the acct but returned it later that now i have to pay for the discount that i was given which was 40 something dollars. She was not making any sense...she told me that they should have explained to me when i opened the card that if i returned any of the items i purchased on the first day (with the 20% discount) that the discount i received with those purchases would get charged back to me and i'd have to pay for it.
    What is wrong with this company?!?!?! I haggled with the cust. service rep for like 20 mins...she kept telling me numbers and watever that wasnt making sense and now i owe $17 bucks for no APPARENT REASON!!! She couldnt explain to me what the hell it was from...except that after she took off the finance and late charges that i'm left wiht a $17 dollar balance. I finally got frustrated and asked her wat my exact balance i'm paying the balance and when it processes i'm going to cancel that stupid card.
  5. I completely agree with Speedy when she says Customer Service does not exist anymore. It's a shame. I'm really sorry you are going thru this right now. Good luck.
  6. Yeah the same thing just happened to me. I returned everything and they charged me a late fee saying I didn't pay my card on time. That puts a dent in my once perfect credit report. freaking A, does anyone know how bad 1 missed payment in 3 years of perfect payments affects your credit score?
  7. ok i totally forgot about my credit score...they said i missed a payment too when i never got a statement, and i never bothered to see whether i owed money since I RETURNED EVERYTHING! i hate them.
  8. Using any CC is a "rape", I much prefer using CHC "Cold Hard Cash".
  9. Me too! I was sposed to get a statement and email updates and got nothing.
  10. it depends on the company as to how it will effect your credit score. if your credit score is near perfect and this is the first time that anything has happened, then i wouldn't worry about it too much.
  11. WTH? You get charged for the discount that was given to you if you return the item? Nonsense!

    I've returned items that I received a 20% discount on (for opening a new card) and nothing like this happened.
  12. Yes...apparently thats the message i got from the cust rep that i talked to. I owed them 40 something dollars because of the discount i got, which made absolutely no sense at all, i kept trying to ask the rep how in the world does that work and she kept repeating te same thing, "yes ma'am it looks like that's what they did on your acct". I dont think she knew what was gonig on either.
    And magically within 5 mins it was down to 17 bucks (i got transferred), i tried to get a straight answer for where the 17 bucks came from...but they just throw a bunch of numbers ur way to confuse and frustrate you. And the end, she goes "did you get all of that ma'am?" I said no...just tell me how much i owe so i can pay it and cancel this POS.

    -and yes this is a first...this is some new ******** theyre coming up with.
  13. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!!! OMG, if you kept the pants and cancelled the card, then of course you should pay for whatever discount you received......but the way she explained it made no sense at all!! You don't have the pants, technically you should be receiving another 20% discount for your next purchase because you still have the card. These people are idiots and have no freaking common sense...I would call back again and again until my balance is zero, I wouldn't pay the balance even if it was $'s the priniciple, they are wrong.:cursing:

    and to keep track of credit scores for free, sign up for a WAMU card. your credit score is updated monthly.
  14. This is why I love Nordstrom's customer service so much!
  15. You definitely should not pay this!! If it were me and I was getting nowhere with the "Customer Service" Deparment over the phone I would go into the local store that you purchased the jeans from and demand to speak with the store manager. There is no way you owe them money - if you bought a pair of $150 jeans (for example) and they gave you a 20% discount you paid $120. When you returned the jeans they should have refunded you exactly what you paid - $120. I would not pay them $.01!!