Macy's Boot Clearance

  1. Hello. I just got back from Macy's (in Columbus OH) where they had a ton of boots on sale. I got the Kennth Cole Reaction Wanna Ride Boots for $71! I have been watching these all season.
  2. Those are cute! Very bad ass. I went looking yesterday and they were only 50 % orginal price usually they let you take another 50% off so I decided to wait it out.
  3. Thanks for the post fellow Buckeye. I'm heading to Easton Town Center today and I'll check it out while I'm there.
  4. Ahhh! Sorry, but I am a University of Michigan alum :yahoo:
  5. Sorry. I didn't mean to refer to the team you root for, but the state you live in.
  6. Ha! Noted! As UM'er here in C-bus you tend to get defensive rather easily. The fans are crazy here! :lol: