Macys, Bloomies, Lord & Taylor in NYC....

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  1. I'm heading up there a week from tomorrow & wondered if anyone knew of any sales or special events they're going be having? I would love love love to find a great deal on some Coach shoes (my weakness over bags!)!

  2. This weekend, Macy's has an add'l 40% off the clearance priced shoes including Coach! I got the Diedra Ergo Patchwork (multi) pumps for only $86.83 (before sales tax) as the SA was very nice and gave me an extra 10% off:yahoo: The pumps orig. retailed for $268 at both Macy's and Coach. At Coach, the pumps are on sale but they're priced at $189.

    The Noel ballet flats are priced at only $63.20 (before sales tax) at Macy's after the add'l 40% discount. At Coach, the flats are sale priced at $79. Unfortunately, Macy's didn't have the bourdeaux flats in my size so I had to order them from Coach. Oh well, at least I got a super great deal on the Diedra pumps.... they look fabulous when paired with the matching Ergo hobo. Here's what the Diedra pumps looks like:

  3. Oh, I LOVE those! They have them here, but not on sale! What about the sneakers that are in that pattern? Denese, I believe they are called? Did you happen to notice if they had those?

  4. Yes, I saw the matching (multi) patchwork sneakers but they were still regular priced at my local Macy's. They're cute but I didn't care for the white rubber around the trim/bottom of the shoe. For some reason it looks a bit odd. It might have looked better if the trim would have been in a brown or bronze color.