Macy's big sales event -Coach shoes on sale

  1. I was wondering if anyone here when to Macy's yesterday. They were having huge sales on shoes especially coach. There were so many people there and I spend to much money. I got at least 3 pairs of coach shoes. 2 of them where at least 70% off. 2 bcbg boots. I will post the picture when I have time later.

    I bought this for like $78(last pair though)- black and white cc

    I got flats and also that snow boots with cc on top.
  2. Ok here's the picture..
  3. Boots were reg. 218 with sale $163
  4. This was I think was 70%.. reg price is $188 .. but it for $78
  5. Flats.. I got lucky I guess because it's the only one there. I got it for $45 reg price was $108.
  6. I know this is not related but I'm just excited. 2 Bcbgirls boots were around $129 and $110 each.. sale price is $69 and $41


    Thanks for looking at my haul..! lol!
  7. Awesome Steals!
  8. Congrats on your new purchases!! :flowers:

    Love Coach boots. They look super comfy
  9. :heart: the Issy's! I noticed on Friday that Macy's had these for an additional amount off and I've been wanting these since they came out. If they are still around after Christmas I will most likely grab them in the brown.
  10. Very cute! Congrats on your great deals :tup:
  11. amazing deals!
  12. Love your purchases. Congrats!!
  13. Thanks!!!
  14. I hit it on the preview day - Friday & got two pairs... the patchwork ballet flats (w/ the gold & ocelot patches) and a pair of black embossed leather mocs
  15. WOW! you got some great deals.