Macy's anything on sale?

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  1. Is there anything on sale at macys? the online website does not list anything..

    Has anyone seen anything decent there for 20-50% off lately?:sweatdrop:
  2. i was at my macy's today and they had a few styles 30% off...older hamptons swingpacks, small patchwork carly, patchwork gallery tote, a small duffle type bag, and flap bags, not sure of the collection on those.

    lord and taylor had a ton of great coach shoes and flip flops, flats at $99, including the new scarf print flats...cute! i loved the tattersall sandals they had there, i wish i had taken some pictures.
  3. ^^ Scarf print flats. Sounds nice.
  4. My Macy's usually has large to medium brown/black/white khaki flap purses (similar in style of the Bleecker large flap) on sale too, and sometimes matching French purses. The wallets go to 30% to 40% off depending on the location.

    Basically what hamstahon posted for Macy's also applies to the Macy*s in my area, as well. At least the one in Downtown, anyway. :heart:
  5. my mistake, they're not scarf print, but the pink multi print that's out now. they are so adorable...i would be scared to wear them. but yeah, if you have a lord and taylor nearby, they have a bunch of new sandal styles. like the flip flop that say COACH on the footbed. tdf!

  6. Did someone say Tattersall??????

    Were they flats or wedges????????????????? :confused1::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. they were flats and looked like this:
    except the footbed was a silky tattersall material and the leather upper was white with brass hardware. *sigh* they are beautiful, but i would get them so gross in a second. you'd love them:girlsigh:
  8. i stopped by a local macys and all they had were baskets.. =(
  9. Macy's Union Square in SF had almost nothing on sale yesterday - a couple of Bleeker med Duffles and maybe a Flap or two and a ton of keyfobs - I saw the Lucky one, snowman, snowboot, sneaker, snowflake and maybe one other. They had some bangles on clearance too - all black/silver or black/gold - variety of sizes.
  10. 30% - a ton of black signature mini wallets, few larger ones, several of the darker blue/white flaps ($181), two patchwork wristlets, one 07 patchwork pouch.
  11. the Macy's in Montebello, CA
    have some items on sale. 30% off.

    signature denim/white leather, bleecker (green & wine leather), some key chain & leather wristlet.
  12. The Dallas Galleria Macys had several Coach styles (shoes) on clearance... I didn't get a chance to scope out the bags though
  13. there are 3 macys in my vicinity (overland park ks) and i only frequent one of them. I decided to check out one yesterday (fri) and to my surprise they only had ONE coach item! It was a lone khaki/black ergo wristlet and it was 50% off.
  14. I went to my Macy's yesterday and they had absolutely nothing. In fact, their glass display case was GONE!! The only stuff they had were lower end purses either on open shelves or hanging from racks. All of their Coach and Dooney were nowhere to be found. Of course, no sales associate was around either for me to ask. I hate my Macys!
  15. Anything on sale recently?