Macy's anyone??

  1. Hey! Does anyone have any promotional codes for Macy's??
  2. 6% cash back on ******, if you use ****** - great site for rebates!!! no free shipping promos that I know about at this time.
  3. and go to Macy's Star Rewards and register your email address. They will automatically send you $25 off $100 code.
    Thanks honeybefly, I did it, it works. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1902477", true);
  4. I might sound real dumb when I ask this but here it goes...

    Has anyone heard of TAXIER bags:confused1: I was at the BX today and they had some for over $300.00. They are obviously pricey, about Coach prices, maybe even a little higher. If you have heard of you own any??Anywho...I just thought Id ask:yes: Thanks.
  5. never heard of them dont love them from the link above, the first 2 on the 1st page are ok, and the black one top of 3rd page but otherwise! :sad:
  6. never heard of them, don't like what i saw cept for pg 1!~ sry!

    i feel like i just repeated slush lol sry
  7. I like the black hobo with the gold studding. Nice.
  8. Thanks everyone. The bags I saw on that site arent that great either...but I did see one or two I liked. I put 2 bags on layaway because they were 75% I figured I would come home and see if they were on eBay and make a few bucks off of them, but I only see like 5 listings. I dunno...maybe I should purchase them anyway...maybe they will blow up soon and everyone will be on the look for one?? haha...wishful thinking. One of the bags I have is a white hobo...its pretty cute. Maybe Ill keep it for myself. Hmmm....I got 30 days to think about it lol.
  9. Yup I heard of it. I have one black one. I think it is pretty cute. It was a gift so, I like it!
  10. Yay someone whos heard of them!!! lol. Would you ever spend your OWN money on one?? Do you like it that much?

    Oh..and I was reading the "About Texier" page...and it says "The most sought after brands in Europe, and now America" so maybe its like a performer...they "come out" big over seas...then come over here and in little time get HUGE and everyone knows about them! lol. Once again...wishful thinking??
  11. I've seen them before, I believe at TJ Maxx. And wasn't too impressed. But then my taste is not the same as others. I saw some other bags there, that I were later told had one design awards. I thought they (the other bags) were intriguing they definitely caught my eye, but I wan't hooked.

    Texier seems okay, but I wouldn't run to buy one.
  12. Using code NEWSHOES - free shipping on shoes and handbags.
  13. Thanks everyone
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