Macy's After Thanksgiving Sale

  1. So is anyone going to try to head out to a Macy's to see if they have any good deals on purses? I went to one last year but I didnt look at the Coach purses. Im for sure going to this year. Sometimes they have really good deals. This happened last month....the day after my boyfriend bought me a dooney &bourke mini gym bag for $160 I went to Macy's and saw a Coach scribble tote for $84 :crybaby: I called him a.s.a.p. but he said that he would rather me just keep the d&b bag because even though it was more expensive it was still a gift.
    Hopefully since it is the after thanksgiving sale they'll have better deals.
  2. i'll be at macy's...but i think it's hit and miss with sale bags around the holidays.
  3. I was at Macy's Friday and didn't think they had a very good selection to begin with.
  4. Maybe I will stop in, but i think most of the bags will be cleaned out by the time i get there.
  5. COACH scribble tote for $84?! Ack! I've been trying to get a scribble tote for a while now. Grrrr. I'll probably stop in the mall later on today. I can't right now. I have to go back to sleep. :yes:
  6. did anyone find any good deals? i didnt. i was a little upset that i didnt because i went to 2 macy's.
  7. Our Macy's doesn't have Coach but I went to Dillard's and they had a total of 3 bags on sale for 25% off. They have better sales throughout the year for no reason at all.
  8. i just got the friends and family card in the mail. doesnt say coach is excluded, so i'm going to stop in next week and see if i can use it!!!!!
  9. i dont think macys has a decent handbag section from any of the ones i have been too.......
  10. Yes, the F&F card can be used toward Coach!!
  11. hmm?
  12. whats a friends & family card btw?
  13. Macy's didn't have anything good. You can pre-sale Coach with the 20% off friends and family.
  14. I'm going there tomorrow morning.
    If I see something COACH that I would enjoy- great.
    But I'm more interested in the jewelry..thats where I get all my xmas shopping done lol.
    and I've been after this little ladybug necklace for the past two months, so I HOPE they'll still have it.
  15. What exactly does pre-sale mean? :confused1:

    A card that some people are lucky enough to get which gives you 20% off virtually anything in the store. You can use it as many times as you want for six days.