Macy's 99cent shipping on clearance

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  1. The promo code is 99CENTS, but I cant seem to get it to work. It doesnt recognize the code when I put it in. I did read in the fine print that the item has to say "this item qualifies for 99cent shipping" but I looked at a bunch of clearance items and none of them say this. Has anyone else had any luck?
  2. Worked fine for me o.o
    From the promo code details:
    "To see which items qualify, just look for this link: This item qualifies for 99c shipping!"
    Of course, there a lot of stuff I wanted that doesn't qualifie for 99c shipping.
  3. I am looking at women's clothing and I don't see the "99 cents" banner on any of the items.
  4. I talked to customer service and they said there's a technical issue, but it should be fixed tomorrow so try again then.