MACYS 30-50% OFF COACH!! go noww!!!!

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  1. Ok so i m at macys every day!! well last week they had some black hobos and duffles for 50 percent off, but this week they have some hamptons stuff, some older styles and some straw bags for 30% off!!! they even have some ergos on sale!! like the vintage ergo tote i believe it was like 324!! and the scarf print ergos, and some patchwork!! and lots and lots of shoes!!
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I will be checking out my Macy's and Dillard's tomorrow!
  3. oh and some carly demis!!
  4. yup mine to Del amo mall torrance Ca. lots of ergo's white and camel and tons of the hamptons patch :O)
  5. oh mann and I just spent all my money at the outlets :crybaby:but shoes u say?? my mom wont buy me bags but she doesnt mind buying me shoes!!! i'll probably go later on today or tomorrow. we need to go there anyways so my mom can buy me and my sister luggage 4 our trip to san diego.
  6. Thanks for the information, I think I will stop by there!
  7. Ooh! Was it the blue and brown scarf print? How much were those going for?? I LOVE the hobos, but I know I wouldn't get enough use out of one to justify paying full price for it! Maybe if it was on sale, though...
  8. I so hear Macys calling my name!!! lol. I guess I know where I'm going today....
  9. Oooh....I was just there but I have to go to the mall today anyway so I think I'll stop by. Maybe they have some shoes I'll like-are there Coach shoes on sale?
  10. it was the brown turquoise scarf print... the ergos with the white leather around the edges
  11. Cool. Kat, thanks. I'm headed up there tomorrow to see what I can get my hands on...I hope Im not too late.
  12. yayyyyyy welcome back!!
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I might swing over there tomorrow and see what's left:yes:
  14. *grumble grumble* bans *grumble*

  15. I got a pair of black sig Jana's for $47.