Macy's 25% off Inferno + Paradiso Bags!

  1. dunno if anyone posted, but today i was at stoneridge before heading to work..and the Inferno and Paradiso bags were marked down by 25%...and if you purchase it with your Macy's card, you get an additional 10-15% off!! Good Deal!!! I'm not sure how many days this is gonna last but check it out! And if you're not near this store, there's always CHARGESEND! (call them n they'll send it to you!)

    The Macy's Stoneridge had...Paradiso & Inferno Canguro, Paradiso/Inferno Buon Viaggio, Inferno Bocce & CiaoCiao...And I can't remember what else =)
  2. YAHOO! :yahoo: Sorry to sound all :nuts: ... but how do you CHARGESEND? What card do you need? Can you I use a debit card?
  3. papillon216: just call the macy's at stoneridge, and ask the sales rep in the handbang dept. to get the tokidoki bag that you want..and have her ship it to you =) you can use any credit cards....use a macy's card if you have'll give u more savings!
  4. Thanks, it sounded complicated to me, LOL! Would you remember if they have a stellina or any caramellas?:smile:
  5. They definitely don't have caramellas at that store. In fact, we don't know of any Macy's that carries the caramellas. They had a citta stellina when I was there last time but I don't remember if they had inferno or paradiso stellinas.
  6. that irritates me that macy's on the mainland has tokidoki but hawaii ones don't. grrrrrrrrrr...
  7. Thanks TokiliciousJenY!
  8. Hi BubbleSung,
    I am new to this Tokidoki bag thing. Anyhow, I went to Macy's Stoneridge today and got for myself a Buon Viaggio - Paradiso. It was having a 25% off sale as you mentioned. when I used my Macy's card , I got another 15% and the sales clerk mentioned that I will be getting another 15% off on top of the 1st 15% off when my statement come in the mail. Thanks for the tips. My hubby drove 30 mins for me to get the bag..:O)
  9. ^Good for you! What a great deal! How I wish someone could get a bag for me :crybaby:
  10. meh. My Macys around here don't have them either.:shrugs:
  11. How long have you opened you macy's card? Because the SA that I talked with said that I can only get the extra 15% if I opened a new card. :sad:
  12. Evilvietgirl, Yes Indeed, I opened it today!
  13. when i go to savannah on wednesday, i really hope there's SOMEPLACE selling tokidoki at a discount...!! i'm praying for macy's!!
  14. I called Macy's in Savannah... The lady has never even HEARD of the brand. Oh well... :shrugs:
  15. Bummer Maya :sad: