Macys 20% off tokidoki tutti

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  1. I received a 15-20% off coupon from Macys in the mail today valid from 8/17 to 9/9 . It applies to regular priced tokidoki. So excited, I guess I could settle for a smaller size tutti bag.

    a 15 off 50 coupon also came with it. So I guess you could you use that too!!
  2. which macys have tutti?? I haven't seen one yet at a macys. I got those coupons too!
  3. I am pretty sure most Macys in LA got their tutti in already.

    So far I've seen them in Santa Anita mall, Del Amo and South coast!!
  4. Also in the LA area, Manhattan Village Macys also has tutti in.
  5. I wonder where my macy's coupons are :cursing:
  6. has anyone gone to macys yet?
  7. seriously. I hope it's not just socal. :rolleyes:
  8. It's usually by region so if it's socal it should be norcal too. :wtf: They just never mail me the coupons. :cursing: I hate Macy's!!
  9. I got those coupons too. I think they are for platinum cardholders.
  10. Oh thanks for clarifying!! I'm def. not platinum although I should be w/all the $$$ I spend in that dump!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. You can email their customer service from their site to ask if you qualify for it. I asked only because I wanted the Platinum card for free shipping and stuff and it turned out I qualified and they sent me my card in a week or so. Doesn't hurt to ask :smile:
  12. Oooh, really?? Thank you thank you thank you! I just have to email them? :confused1:
  13. Yeah Jen, you are probably qualified. You only need to spend 1K annually to qualify for platinum rewards.
  14. I just went into my credit account from and there's a link or something to contact credit customer service and from there, I think I made a general inquiry through their contact form and they emailed me back the next day to tell me that I shipping is always a good thing! :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone!!! Now I'm just thinking maybe I don't qualify. I used to put EVERYTHING on my Macy's card but figures that lately I was trying to be smart about it and not charge that thing up so I dunno if I will qualify but it's worth a shot!! ;)

    So what are you guys buying w/your coupons??

    BTW why don't they ever send you those rewards coupons at a good time? It's like when there's nothing in the store you get all the rewards coupons and there's nothing to buy! :cursing: