Macy's 20% off presale

  1. Macy's is now doing presales, 20% off all handbags, for the sale starting next Fri (3/30) ... not sure if this applies to ALL brands, but it sounded like it.

    Anyhoo, only for Macy's card holders, but a good time to go pick out the styles you want before they disappear!! :yahoo:
  2. thanks!
  3. Great - thank you so much!
  4. How do i get this?!?!! i have a macys card do i call them? or???? order online HELP! ;) i want 20% off!!!
  5. i just called on the phone to macys and they said they didnt know what i was talking about :sad:

    anyone know how i can get this or what to say or click or whatever??!!
  6. I wonder if it is only in a certain region... We have Macy's north in MN, and they have specials when NYC-Macy's does not. Where are you located OP?
  7. Hi all.

    So the Macy's I orginally went to was SF downtown, so it's probably only Macy's West. However, some gals in Socal have reported that SAs have told them teh sale starts 4/4, not 3/31, so I'm not sure if the SF flagship macy's has an earlier sale date than the other stores... plus I went to another Macy's in Bay Area and that SA didn't know what I was talking about either... so either she didn't know what was up or it's only certain bigger Macys... sorry for the confusion!! :shrugs:
  8. ^ No problem! Certain Macy's within the same region have different sales and discounts, which is really confusing!