Macy's 20% off presale

  1. I was at SF Macy's last night, and the SA told me they are now doing presale (if you have a Macy's card) for next friday's (3/30) 20% off all handbags... includes all the current pirata, adios, bianco...

    so if you are still wanting to get any of these, GO! The SF macy's still has a decent stock of prints and styles. Not sure if they can do chargesend for these, but you can always ask!!!
  2. so what does that mean? u buy the bags now to get 20% off? or u have to buy on 3/30? and was there a pirata mamma mia? ^^
  3. IS this just at the SF store? Or all Macy's???
  4. bubbles - usually when macys does presale, you buy the item on the spot, and then they hold it for you until the sale date, then you can go and pick it up.

    kinda weird, but it works!

    also, I don't remember if they had pirata mamma mia. they had a lot of pirata, but I don't know what they ahd, I was looking at the adios more... you'll have to call and ask. the SA there, Jennifer, who is in charge of lesportsac, knows what is going on. try to talk to her.

    Dreams- I doubt it is just the SF store, but I don't know for sure.
  5. it should be all macy*s west stores :yes:
  6. great info hazelnut! I'll be at that macys on Monday so I'm definitely going to check out the stock
  7. I went to a macy's store today and they didnt have anything on sale (presale or otherwise :sad: then again it was a smaller macy's and the inferno isn't even on sale!) also I'm now back at my parents house so there's only one other macy's around here :cry: I want to go back to my apartment in orange county :crybaby:
  8. Rmember! You can't go by the price tags OR what the SAs say... you need to have them check the price in the computer. NONE of the bags I bought last week were marked as on sale nor did the SA know they were on sale but they were 60%off!!
  9. Do the price scanners check also? Because I thought those were linked to the computers?? If they aren't I'm going to tell my bf to head back there lol... it was in my old hometown where my parents pick me up that I saw the inferno...
  10. ^ yea, the price on the price scanners is the price that rings up on the registers
  11. tehilone - they don't usually advertise presale. The only reason I know is bc i was chatting w/ the SA there and she told me...
  12. mm kay I'll check it out then :smile: thanks for letting me know!
  13. Tehlilone- I've never Toki'd in OC- which stores have good selection???:graucho:

  14. Dreams- the scanner rang up retail for the tokidoki inferno nuvola -_-; i don't think the computers at that place are up to date then... pooey

    Hazelnut- the macy's in temecula, ca did it a little different. She put it on a hold (scanned my mom's card tho) and apparently the day of the sale (which she said was April 4th? but that didn't sound right :unsure: any confirmation on the date from your SA??) they'll scan it in the morning of and then you can pick it up.

    jbcesq- hahaha but then there goes my secret O_O j/p i like you girls so much my bf thinks it's damaging reselling possibilites :sweatdrop: but he understands...
    - South Coast is always good but gets raided on sales
    - Fashion Island has a nice selection :smile: very nice SAs
    - Spectrum is okay but not up to date with sales it seems most of the time and the employees seem clueless about tokidoki

    I think that's pretty much it for Macy's that I go to regularly though... haven't visited any today since I left the OC in the early morning (my bf wanted to get his jordans that released today XD crazy shoe people... hehehe)
  15. Is that just macy's on the west coast? Or west of a certain point? (I'm near Denver)