Macys, 20% at Coach & What I Got!

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  1. Apparently this weekend at Macy's everything is 20% off when you use your Macy's card... Including Coach! I'm talking FP Coach stuff. The clearance is 25% and then another 20% on top of that. So, I couldn't resist getting SOMETHING. Got a cute little universal case that fits the new iPhone 5 (if anyone was wondering), even with its hard case already on it.


    It has a pretty deep purple lining like my black leather Sophia. Can't tell in the picture, but I just noticed that the carriage logo is crooked. Seems to be the norm with these Madison leather pieces! Oh well. I can overlook it on this.
  2. Very nice, is the sale thru tomorrow?
  3. Yes, and they will order anything on THEIR site and ship it to you for free.
  4. Thanks,
  5. Okay, how do I do this?
  6. My local Macys had all Coach, 25% off then an additional 20% off for using the macys card. Almost went off my ban for a duffle but I was good and only bought a charm for my Maggie. Couldnt believe all coach was 25% off. I don't think any other handbag brands were though.
  7. Go to and then to handbags. Pick Coach. That will show what they have. I wrote down the names SKU numbers I might be interested in. I went into the store and they processed the order. Because I was using a Macy's card, I got another 20% off. I had joined "Thanks for Sharing" which a charity program Macy's does for the local charities around each store so I will be getting and additional 10% back in cash. So the discount through tomorrow is 25% Coach, additional 20% if you use (or open) a Macy's card, and an additional 10% back if you participate in the TFS program.
  8. Thank you, thought that is what I would have to do, have a Macy's card, never do Thanks for Sharing because I really don't spend that much at Macy's but if they let me buy the bag I want it will be worth it

    Now just have to venture out to Macy's, just wish it would stop raining here, the parking lot floods
  9. I went to Macy's and got a wallet that was 50% off plus the 25% for the sale and then another 20% for using my card so this was regular $168 and I got it for $50! :smile:

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  10. With a Macy's card, you may be able to do a telephone order.
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    At our Macy's, a number of the "designer" brands were in the 25% sale. Kors was, and I think Juicy Couture items were as well. Might have been more. The signs were all over a bunch of bags sections, calling it the "designer handbags" sale. :smile:

    I came away with a yellow "Legacy" small wristlet from Macy's sale, which apparently is not available at the boutiques yet (???). I can't find it on Coach website, or in the boutique itself, but did find it on Macy's Coach site as well as in Macy's store. :shrugs: It's a good sale, it really is. Then went to boutique and picked up a second Willis with PCE (hubby picked color, I'll see it at Christmas :love:). Daughter found and got FNO fob. Fun day.

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  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. Yes, the flagship store would not order for me (told me no!) so I called one about 30 miles away and they placed the order on my macy's card without any fuss. Now waiting for a black cherry bucket bag.
  14. You got a great deal on this wallet! I got mine at the outlet and still paid 70.00 so you did good girl :biggrin: we are twins!
    I love your universal case too!
  15. Good for you!