Macy's 15% off

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  1. I went to Macy's today and they had Tokidoki for 15% off (I think you may have to use a macys credit card) but just an FYI. (I was at the downtown Seattle store so I don't know if all stores have the same deal).

    They had a pirata Zucca with fairly nice print placement if anyone is looking.
  2. sheesh I need to write to Macy's. I want the same toki deals here on the East Coast that you guys get on the West Coast. Here they don't discount tokis at all!! You have to wait to get a coupon in the mail. Seems like on your coast they discount the tokis and then give u a coupon on top of that ... SO LUCKY!!!
  3. Kirkgirl what did you get?
  4. I didn't get anything....I am looking to trade my adios print for a better one, and same with my new spiaggia zucca....I have bought plenty of purses lately!
  5. i went to macy's yesterday and got the BV spiaggia! no discount. :sad:

    i should've waited for a sale before i cut the tag off...

    but it was my print placement!!!
  6. I went to 2 Macy's today, none of the tokis were on sale, and the SA said they wouldn't be included in the memorial day sale next week either! :hysteric::rant:
  7. ahh darn it. The Macy's in NY should put the tokis on sale along with all the other stuff.
  8. i THOUGHT the tokis wouldnt be on sale...cuz i got my catalog the other day in the mail and the coupon in it said only sale and clearance priced if the toki's not already on sale, then chances are the coupon wont work on it :[ shucks.