Macy's 1 Day Sale!

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  1. Just got this e-mail...

  2. bastards! i was just there. but couldn't find anything because i was too tired from allday shopping.
    oh and i saw anna sui there too hee hee
  3. Don't be dismayed!!!!!!! If you purchased something from Macy's and then it's cheaper the next day you have 10 days after the purchase to have an adjusment made to your account.
  4. I was there last night...back today for price adjustments! I:heart:Macys.

  5. Are there any good finds? No Macy's here...
  6. I was just there the other day.I'm not a big fan of Coach but I saw a few cute bags that were 30% off. There were also some Dooney & Bourke bags that were also marked 30% off too for a limited time.

    This is one of the bags that were reduced from $218 to $151: (they have it in black and brown with black trim)

    They also had this same style but in black leather, I think it was priced at $160?

    If you open up a Macy's card you will get can get an additional 15% off.

    Happy Shopping!
  7. where do go to have this done - cashier or customer service ?

  8. any register can help you with price adjustments.
  9. In the store at the Galleria in Birmingham yesterday, they were just starting to put up their sale, and it was an additional 50% off the Clearance price, so if you live close enoughby, you might want to run to the store instead! I bought 2 dresses and a top for $30.00. The total savings was over $120.00 from the original retail.
  10. Some of their shoes are 65% off too.
  11. I got a Coach Ergo Scarf Tote & a Pebbled Leather Satchel in Sand.