Macy's 1 Day Sale (Tues or Wed)

  1. I just got an email from them...
  2. But only bags already on sale are reduced in price even more. Non-sale handbags are not on sale :sad:
  3. Does anyone here know if any of the northern cali macy's still have stuff that's on sale?
  4. not that i know of...and i live in the bay area
  5. I saw a black duffle with original print inside at macy's today, and it was like $89 something. I was so tempted to buy it, but I don't know what to use it for. It's too big for everyday, it's too small for trip (I tend to overpack, I usually have more than 10 outfits and 3 shoes for a weekend trip), and I don't go to the gym. So I didn't buy it.
  6. I saw one at Valley Fair, but it was missing the zipper pulls and there were stains on the outside. :sad:
  7. i went to the macys at Stanford Mall today(wed). and i got myself a ciao ciao tokidoki black for 66.60. It was additional 40% off. there was another one there too. not sure if i'm going to keep it, but it seemed like a good price.
  8. wow good deals :biggrin: ...too bad im not there to take advantage of it :p