macy's 1 day sale this weekend

  1. does anyone know if there's gonna be any toki on sale on macy's 1 day sale this weekend?
  2. It seems to depend on your Macy's... last one-day sale the nearest Macy's to me did not honor the extra 40-50% off, but one further away did. Best to call on the day of the sale to make sure (and even then, the SA's can be out of it)
  3. I've never seen Tokidoki on sale in NYC except QCM, returns mostly. We sell out of Toki really fast so there is no left over when sale day rolls in. Sad ...
  4. gingiemay: do you know which macy's in LA area that honor the 40-50% off? if i call, does the SA know what tokidoki is? or how should i ask? thx
  5. tokidoki's won't be on sale unless they're on clearance, if you go before 1pm on friday or Sat, you get and extra 50% off. (I work at Macy's)
  6. I got my price adjustment at the Century City Mall Macy's during the last 1-day sale. So, if you found AS Star or Pirata (the last ones that were on clearance) somewhere else, it is possible you could take them to that mall and get the adjustment. Maybe Spiaggia will be marked down, I'm not sure. I also believe the Westside Pavilion Macy's also had the sale. The Fox Hills Mall Macy's NEVER has Toki on sale so don't waste your time trying there!
  7. Will L'amour be marked down? I just bought one and I want to see if i can get further discount on that.
  8. It might be... I haven't seen any marked down before, but on another thread someone was saying they got L'amore on clearance during the Macy's Labor Day Sale.
  9. OTOH, I checked the Macy's in my area, and NOTHING was on sale except for Adios Star. Macy's East is not generous with the Toki sales at all. Every time someone posts about a Macy's sale in California, I've rushed down or called my Macy's only to be told "the Tokidoki never goes on sale."
  10. the macy's where i liv e stinks, they never put toki's on sale, but i think i'm goi ng to check anyways, who knows maybe i will get lucky.
  11. L'amore is the only thing that I haven't seen on sale at macy's when it comes to older prints oddly enough :hrmm:
  12. Same here, my guess is prolly because L'Amore is an exclusive print and they don't mark down that much, but the lucky ladies over in the West Coast did get them for cheap .. last I heard it was like 25% off! :drool:
  13. i went to macy's in cerritos and downey this morning, and they had some as and pirata but they weren't on sale.
  14. When i do go to macys and i find a print that i think that is on sale i usually scan the item to see the price. most of them are usally not marked down cuz they may be brought from the back or a return.

    Last weekend i got a canguro pirata for 35.00 the price on the tag was still 108. until i scaned it that is when i found out the sale price.
  15. hehe I am a west coast girl ;) silly I think only some macys did it and nothing really in the OC :sad: too many toki lovers here!

    pigalette: Did they have any dolces there?
    annabellet: yeah my bf and I always scan stuff... for some reason certain macy's never mark down items :push: