Macy store 20% all shoes, apparel - no designer exclusion

  1. Macy's store has a store wide 20% off all apparels and shoes for 3 days 9/13-9/16
    all designers included!!!!!!!! NO COUPON needed!
    i went to the chicago store and got some Marc Jacobs stuff, they also have Milly, Tibi, Nanette Napore, Theory, all those good brands.
    also get a $25 gift card with $75 cosmetic purchase!
  2. do they have that in NY? Do you have this coupon?
  3. no coupon need, they have the 20% off signs all over the stores....
    but i don't know if NY is included...i got the mailer from Macy's North region.
  4. Unfortunately it wasn't extended to
  5. i was in the manhattan one today, and didn't see any coupon promotion. :tdown:
  6. I went to Macy's today,too (I live in Georgia), and I didn't see or hear a peep about any sale.
  7. I just found out:

    Macy's North =
    Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, N Dakota, S Dakota, Wisconsin only
  8. Nonsense....knew it wouldn't have been in NY.. :s
  9. thanks 4 posting!!! i will stop at macy's in chicago after work...:tup:
  10. Our Macy's SUCK.

    I've never seen anything really good at any of ours. Not so much as one Marc Jacobs piece.

  11. Same here, my Macy's stinks!!
  12. I was about to say...Macy's and MARC JACOBS!?!?!?! Where have I been!!! But alas, I'm in NYC. Must go to Bloomies instead, where there are hardly any sales...