Macy*s Friends & Family 5/3 - 5/7

  1. 20% off everything! :nuts:

    You might need the coupon though but I know some SA have one on the register and will scan it for you. Also I think this is limited to Macy*s West
  2. Great..thanks for the heads up...i still have a macy's gift card to use...i have the hardest time using any macy's gift card.
  3. I wonder if this works at marshal fields which are in the process of turning into Macys - since you can already use macys GCs and CCs there. Probably wishful thinking LOL
  4. Thanks Mello! This will give me a good enough reason to buy a lot of things I couldn't justify before! LOL:nuts:
  5. You're welcome ladies! Enjoy and buy lots =)
  6. It's worth a shot. Talk to a manager, they'll usually accomodate. good luck!!! :nuts:
  7. Yeah, I'm a teacher, and they have a whole bunch in the teacher's lounge because it's during Teacher Appreciation Week. If anyone wants me to pick up one and mail it, I can.

    Also, the online code is MCFTDMTSP6.
  8. Nevermind, the coupon is only valid in FL, but I think the code is valid at

  9. Thank you, jen...I look forward to this every year! ;)

    anotheremptysky - thank you for offering to mail the coupons...That is very sweet of you!
  10. Actually, it's Macy's Friends & Family Sale right now in Louisville, Kentucky. Maybe the different regions have different sale times.
  11. ^^ Thanks for the update greendrv!

    Macy*s West f&f is coming up so I'm bumping this to make sure it's seen =)
  12. i was at macy's on saturday and asked them about f&f. the coach guy told me that i can only get it if i have a coupon and they don't have any coupons available :sad:. oh well... more $ in my wallet.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a Macy's that carries Chanel!?! Thanks!
  14. ^ none that I know of =((

    There are two (or three?) that carry LV though but LV (lease dpt.) is excluded in the fine prints
  15. My friend just told me about it. It EXCLUDES make-up and fragrances. Poo..