Macy gray performs nude??

  1. [​IMG]

  2. That's......

  3. eww.
  4. Does it say "I'd rather go naked" on her chair? as in I'd rather go naked than wear fur? in which case I totally admire her for it.
  5. Hilarious that she's got a cloth covering her chair. So the chair doesn't get, you know, dirty.
  6. I thought I'd have something bad to say before seeing the photo. Now that I've seen it I would say it really isn't that bad and certainly is something that Macy would do.
    I think womens bodies are beautiful no matter the shape or size--so this certainly doesn't offend me. I have no idea why one person commented 'eww' :rolleyes:.

    I think it is part of the PETA campaign is it? I'd rather go naked? one person already suggested. Good for her! She's brave for certain!
  7. I can't see the pic. Maybe I should be grateful.
  8. :yes:
  9. This was actually from three years ago:

    At a recent fundraising concert for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Macy Gray performed nude onstage at a recent gig in London. Although the singer performed the majority of her set fully clothed, for an encore Gray appeared in nothing but a pair of Jimmy Choo heels.

    The idea came from one John's fund raising campaigns where pictures of celebrities wearing Jimmy Choo heels were auctioned

    As per Gray's spokesman...

    "She wanted to do something special for it so decided that in her photograph she would be naked on stage. It is a very sexy statement."
  10. Oh, to be that comfortable with one's self. Kudos Macy!
  11. great that she's comfy with her body, but eew!
  12. Whoa!!!
  13. Glad she is comfortable with her body ... but ... :yucky:
  14. :wtf: