Macy Friends and Family- includes Coach?

  1. Hi everyone-

    I got a couple of coupons today and when I read the back Coach was NOT listed as excluded!

    The postcard specifically says "It's our employee discount, and you get to use it on brands that are usually excluded from other sales and discounts"

    Now, maybe I am just missing it, but does anyone else see Coach as an exclusion?

    By the way, the dates are Nov. 28th - Dec. 3rd and it is 20% off.
  2. I think I heard from someone that F&F never excludes Coach, I'm pretty sure it was katrynar...
  3. there seem to be a few different macys coupons out there now that include coach! i haven't recieved my f&f coupons yet!!
  4. coach is NOT EXCLUDED
  5. Mine JUST came today. It only lists states in the Midwest though.
  6. Friends and Family should be soon here in NYC too. It usually is the first week
    of December.

    Katrynar, can you chime in and advise us as to when Friends and Family at Macy's starts in the Northeast. thanks, Liz
  7. I did not get my mailing yet, but the coach saleslady told me when I applied for my Macy's Credit Card back in September that "Friends and Family" coupons include COACH. It happens twice a year.
  8. Last time I was in macys they offered to let me use the discount then- pick out all my stuff- and just pick it up after the sale officially starts!
  9. Yep, Macys allows 20% Coach discounts twice a year, in May and end of November/December. That is the only times that they are not excluded.
  10. I just received my card from a Macy's SA tonight and she made a point of telling me that COACH and Dooney are specifically INCLUDED. I'm in the Macy's SOUTH region. I've seen prior discussions here that state SOUTH excludes COACH, that appears to be untrue.
  11. I received a star rewards $25 off of a purchase of $100 or more today and Coach was not listed as excluded.

    I also have purchased Coach bags with a discount during F&F so Coach is definitely included in that sale too.
  12. Wish I had a F&F. Do you have to have a Macy's card?
  13. You guys are right! It is november 28- december 5th over here too i believe! and it doesnt exclude coach
  14. i didnt get my coupon yet and i use my macys card way too much thats why im platinum....i better get one...
  15. I was just looking at your collection.... do you just have them to look at? They are beautiful!!! I take it you don't use them all.....?