MAC's Too Dressy for Bumming Around?

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  1. I like the MACs because the strap is long enough to go cross-body but wonder if it's too dressy looking for going on vacation and wearing shorts and flip-flops.

    I'm going on a cruise soon and would like to take it because it holds a lot but is it too "nice" to take it sight-seeing.
  2. I think that it's perfect for casual sight-seeing, in fact!! Have you ever seen the photos of Agyness Deyn with her MAC and Rose bags?

    These are the photos that made me love those bags even more...I think that more than anything, the Rose and MAC are casual bags that are cool because they really redefine the whole notion of a clutch being only for evening. Very fashion-forward.
  3. Is it new hw or old hw? I think if its new hw, it could be a bit dressy but i would still wear it casually too.
  4. I wear my MAC's with anything. I have both old hw and new hw.
  5. I think it's new -- the strap is too large to double up??
  6. You're right!
  7. the last few times I carried my mac was whilst wearing tank top, shorts with flip flops and even tho its patent with new HW, i like to think it totally goes with the casual outfit hahah I think you should totally rock your MAC while on the cruise :tup:
  8. I agree with everyone here. It is such a versatile clutch, casual or a night out. Also if you look at Blake Lively on the RM website. She has the seagreen mac and she's just wearing a tank and a pair of jeans. Totally chic, I love it!

    I hope you take lots of pictures with your mac on your trip! Have fun!
  9. I think the macs are too dressy for sneakers, presonally. If I am wearing jeans I at least like to be wearing cute flats to balance the outfit out, kwim?

    Just my opinion
  10. I wear my MACs with everything. But that's just me. I can see where some people would find it too dressy for certain outfits. I does sound good for your vacation though! :tup:
  11. I think unless it's a metallic MAC, it probably won't look too dressy. Even if it is though, it's never bad to be a trendsetter, just wear it confidently and no one will think it's out of place. :smile:
  12. I loved the MAC but never got down to wearing it. Mine's the Purple Lizard & I find it dressy for weekends when I am often in miniskirts & flipflops. Tried as I did, my MAC never took a trip with me. It could be just me but IMO if it's colours like Burnt Orange, Cloud Grey, Cobalt Blue, Seagreen or any MAC with the old HW, then I would take it out on my casual days.
  13. I have a flatiron gray and a brown (not sure what you call it). Which seems less dressy?
  14. I love the Mac for running around in the city and carry the purple lizard one even when I'm wearing jeans and boots. I think the flat Iron grey one is fine for the vacation! There were some pics of a TPFer wearing the grey one out for shopping and it looked cute with a casual outfit.
  15. Hi Jello,

    I think you could easily wear your MAC in a dressed down way! Go on and rock your bag girl! :smile: