Macrobiotic Diet

  1. For those who don't remember its eating grains that are millet, barley, quinoa (keenwah).

    I'm trying to drop some weight and have tried David Kirsch's 14 day plan (brutal!!) and Atkins ( I always cheat!)...

    Has anyone ever tried this and how were the results?
    Did you stay on it for more than a month?
    And more importantly does anyone have any tried and true recipes??

  2. Although I'm not wholly macrobiotic, (and by the looks of how long it took to get any response, neither are very many others :smile:) I try to follow some of the bacis premises. I've never used it to lose weight, just to feel better. So for that, feeling better, I know it works. Try this site for oodles of recipes. It's one I use alot. Enjoy!
    macrobiotic recipe index
  3. thanks Adriane!
    I will def look into those!:flowers: