Maclaren Quest Sport and Mod

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  1. Hello Ladies...

    I have a stroller for little baby (the graco with the snug ride carseat) but I also will want an umbrella stroller and HATE most of the cheapies out there because there are well cheap and uncomfortable looking. So in the travel/umbrella stroller category how is the maclaren quests?

    Thanks ladies...
  2. I hear the MacClaren is great, I don't think you can go wrong with that. I have my Graco Snugrider base and car seat. Once Kayla graduates to the umbrella type stroller this is where she will be.

    My sister bought me this Christina EvenFlo Convenience X Sport after I read up on it. I love the pink and the handles are adjustable (I'm 5"10) and the price was definitely right. I didn't want the basic umbrella stroller either and this one got great reviews.
  3. I have the triumph and bought it BNIB on the bay for 89 dollars. I love this stroller ! The Quest has some fancier options but I think both are great and the triumph holds up to 55lbs ! Compact light weight and sturdy also the handles are taller than most umbrella strollers
  4. diva that stroller is really cute!!
  5. Isn't it darling? It has some great features and the "cuteness" factor is an added bonus!;)
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    Thanks ladies...and Diva that is soooooo cute I love that!

    edit: I just noticed it doesn't recline at all :sad: That is the only one drawback of that evenflo one
  7. Nope, like other umbrella strollers it doesn't recline, does the MacClaren recline?
  8. I had a Quest and LOVED it! The steering is amazing. It has the perfect balance of features versus weight. It does recline, BTW, (it has 2 or 3 recline settings) but it doesn't recline to perfectly flat so it isn't suitable for babies under 6 months. The only drawback at all is that it will tip backwards if you load the handles down with shopping bags and then your child darts out of the stroller to see something (this has happened on several occasions!). I got it when DD was around 1.5 and it has been our primary errand and travel stoller ever since. DD is now almost 5.5 and still prefers riding the stroller at the mall and on trips where a lot of walking is involved so it was still getting a lot of use even recently.

    Actually, our Quest was stolen at WDW back in November. :crybaby: I guess it says a lot about Maclaren's that one that had been heavily used for over 4 years (and wasn't terribly clean) would be subject to theft! I ended up replacing it with a Silver Cross Dazzle, instead of another Mac, just because the Dazzle's were on Shnoop for $89 recently and I couldn't pass up that bargain and it's hard to find a bargain on a Quest! It just arrived yesterday, though, so I haven't had a chance to take it for a spin.
  9. Yes it has 4 positions (the 2008/9) does at least and they say can be used on infants 3+ months

    That is why I love it and there is a pink and grey one
  10. Oh, I see, yes, then that would be a better choice for you. I'm not planning to transition Kayla to the Evenflo until she is about a year or outgrows the Snugrider.

    The Snugrider base is very compact isn't it, doesn't take up much space at all.
  11. I am not sure to be honest I have not taken it out of the box yet lol by looking at it I think it is much bigger then the Maclaren (which I am going to use for travel) the graco one will be for mall and just bumming around town

  12. I think you are going to love it, it folds up very compactly and rides like a dream, I am going to be sad when Kayla outgrows it. I would NEVER, EVER do one of those bulky travel systems. I was so happy my friend advised me to go to Babies R' Us to try all the strollers out.
  13. diva- are you talking about the travel system stroller that came with the carseat or that other graco base that the carseat clips on to? I am confused I think because they do look bulky to me
  14. I'm talking about the Snugrider base, it isn't bulky at all and folds very flat in the car, very lightweight and easy to maneuver. Once I
    "test drove" it in Babies R' Us, I knew I had a winner.
  15. oh ok I see which one now. I bought the travel system that has the full sized stroller with it and it is bulky but good for little ones (and it was on sale for an amazing price) so I got the stroller basically for free. That is why I thought I would get the Maclaren Quest. It is a light weight solution and can be used for a loooooooooooooog time as it turns out.

    I love that little graco base thing though great idea.