MacKenzie-Childs...has anyone ordered from them?

  1. I received one of their catalogs in the mail today and saw some cute things for my kitchen. Has anyone ordered from them before? They are a little pricey so I was wondering if their stuff was worth it.
  2. I actually like their stuff. I got my dog bowls from them.
  3. I think I will give them a try...thanks!
  4. Our old neighbor bought lots of their stuff. I know Neimans sells it, if you have an account there ask for the dept that sells the fine china, crystal, etc.
  5. I LOVE their stuff, but living overseas, it's not worth the shipping. I have a friend who came over with tons of their stuff. It really is beautiful and it will start you on a redecorating careful!
  6. :yes: I sort of collect Courtly Check:biggrin:
  7. ^Too funny, that was the collection I liked. I want to order the canisters and the tea kettle.
  8. I have the canisters and cookie jar! I want the little fat squatty pot too!:biggrin:
    You can see them in some of my photos I posted in the Chanel accessories thread! LOL!
  9. I like the cookie jar too. :p
    I will check out your photos now. Thanks!

  10. Thats' the dog bowls I have. :yes: