Mackage vs. Zara winter coats?

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    I need to buy a knee length winter coat (not leather or down) and have narrowed it down to Mackage or Zara.

    I have a gift card to use at Holts so that would bring the price of the Mackage coats I was eyeing down to about $500, which is still about $300 more than the average Zara coat. I'm sure style-wise Zara would probably have something similar or at least comparable. So I was just wondering if there is really that much of a difference in quality that would justify buying a Mackage instead of a Zara one? I keep hearing about how Mackage's coat quality has gone down over the years but i wasn't sure if that was just in reference to leather.

    Thanks for any advice!

    EDIT: since the thread is already started, these are the two Mackage coats i'm undecided about. Any opinions would be great!!
  2. I do prefer the ISABEL-B one and they are much nicer than Zara IMO
  3. I like the Isabel-B one too!

    And I would pick Mackage over Zara any day. I get tons of compliments on my Mackage coat when I wear it. The leather details make them special and I personally think they are worth the extra $$
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    Thanks for the info, ladies!

    Since I've finally figured out how to embed pics, here are pictures of the two coats here so that it's a bit easier to see:

    The Isabel has a removable fur collar which is nice and when I tried it on, it's actually surprisingly warm. The fabric feels nicer than the Ginette (wool cashmere blend).
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Ginette is so pretty and feminine though with its flared dip-backed skirt and leather at the shoulders. Plus it's about $160 less. I think the thinner belt is more elegant too. argh i can't decide :sad:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I have a style almost identical to the isabel b from last year and love it..
  6. I would definitely choose Mackage over Zara. From the coats I have tried on, I love the fit of Mackages!
    I think I, myself, have to buy a new one this year... My Mackage seems to have gone missing?! Lol

    Esp if you get to use a Holts card, I would take advantage and get a Mackage. It will definitely last you years to come!
  7. I vote for Isabel. That is one stunning coat!

    And definitely Mackage over Zara. Zara may be cheaper but I believe in quality items over cheap items, that will last you a longer time and serve you much better as well. And you will feel happier wearing it! :tup:
  8. I feel like the Isabel one is more casual than the other one (which is feminine, less casual, a bit more classic IMO).

    Is one significantly warmer than the other?
  9. There is no comparison between the two even with a reduction of quality in the Mackage line. Get the Mackage if you have the extra cash ;) I will note that Artizia wool winter coats have relatively quality wool - but are without the leather detailing for a decent price point if you wanted to go with a cheaper line.

  10. The Isabel is actually quite a bit warmer even if i remove the fur collar (which I expect I would do most of the time if i get this one). I think it's because the Isabel is a wool-cashmere blend whereas the Ginette is a cotton-polyester-wool blend. Unfortunately I couldn't try the Ginette in my size since they didn't have it in stock so I can't say if it fits as well as the Isabel. They offered to order it in for me but that makes me feel a bit pressured to buy it if they specially order it in and then you reject it.

    Most tPf-ers seem to prefer the Isabel whereas the friends i've asked in real life prefer the Ginette :sad:
  11. I love my Zara winter coat, but the wool has pilled over the years.
  12. I actually much prefer the second coat. The Mackage is too fussy IMO and personally I don't think it looks as expensive as it is.
  13. Both coats pictured are by Mackage...
  14. Thanks for everyone's opinions and advice! I think i'll go with the isabel but i'll make sure to haunt the store a bit first to see if I can try on ginette in my size. It seems to fit quite big and long for some reason so it was difficult to compare.

    On a separate note for Mackage lovers here, I found that the isabel also comes in cream! Well, in magazines anyway - i didn't see this on their website or in-store. I personally get worried I'll get light coloured coats dirty but this cream one looks super luxurious and tempting :smile:

  15. Oops, I was on my phone and couldn't tell.