mackage nev from ssense

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  1. after a very long wait i finally received my black mackage nev today.. i was quite disappointed upon opening the package.. has anyone compared the nev from ssense to the nev from aritzia? i remember the first time i tried it on in aritzia i was amazed at how buttery soft it felt.. it was literally soft as butter.. but the one from ssense just doesnt compare.. does anyone find this to be true? or did i just get a bad one from ssense? i know the nevs in aritzia are made exclusively for aritzia.. is this why theyre different?? sigh...... i waited so long and now im just not as happy as i thought i would be.. let me know about your jackets. TIA
  2. i bought mine from ssense and mine feels the same as the aritzia so maybe yours is just different?

    hope you figure it out soon.
  3. does it feel plastic? or is it super soft?
  4. Mine also seems about the same to me! I thought only the Jerry was made as an Aritzia-only item.
  5. :s i dont know then.. maybe theyre all a little different:shrugs:
  6. same i also thought that only the jerry was the specialty one, not the nev. but yeah mine feels the same, super smooth.
  7. Hellokitty: Yes, there is definitely a difference with the Aritizia Nev jacket!!!! I ordered a Nev jacket from When I received it, the leather is shiny, stiff, & thick. At that time, I love it even though it's not too form fitting. However, I stopped by Aritizia & tried on their Nev jacket......I fell in love immediately!!!! The leather is soft & silky (made with lambskin) & it fits my body likes a pair of leather gloves!!! The best thing is that the leather is sooo light compare to the one from Mackage website. I bought the Nev jacket from Aritizia on the spot & then......went home & return the Nev jacket that I've bought in When I got home, I compare both jacket side by side & it's exactly the same.....except the leather, of course. I hope this helps! I hope you can find the Aritzia Nev jacket!! ;) Good luck & let us know! Angela
  8. finally my question is answered!! thank you! it sucks that i might have to return my jacket.. it was 40% off! such a good deal.. well hopefully aritzia will get more in.. theyre sold out i believe.. ill let you know :yes: thx again
  9. HELL0KiTTY: i actually work at aritzia and we are sold out of the nev corporately. That defintely sucks with the leather on your jacket from ssense but i don't believe the nev was exclusive to aritzia.
  10. so you dont think the reason why the leather is different is because its from aritzia? i just found the jackets from aritzia to have softer leather so i wasnt sure.. and when i look at the tag inside the jacket it says exclusively for artizia... or maybe that was just the white one?? cause i havent seen the white online.. who knows? its ok tho im slowly accepting my jacket.. its still nice
  11. i think it's just because some were made in different seasons = some are different qualities of leather? mine is super soft shiny lambskin....and i guess the ones at mackage are thicker leather materials? try ebay?

    good luck!
  12. agreed with nessahhh it might just be the season of the leather but if you aren't satisfied with it definetly don't settle. see if you can contact ssense and get them to send you another one.
  13. Hi everyone,

    I actually had the same problem with my jacket from ssense, so I called Mackage and asked them. They said the jackets they made for Aritzia were made with a different type of treated leather, so only Aritzia sold them. All the other jackets, no matter where you buy them, will be the shiny, less soft, leather. The softer leather is not shiny, it's more matte. Hope that helps!
  14. i should have thought of calling to ask them.. silly me :noggin::lecture:that was exactly the answer i needed.. thank you!! i wonder why they wanted to do that.. sighhh
  15. I'm just wondering about sizing. I typically wear a xs mackage jacket. There is a xxs nev on sale but i think it will be really small. Are the leather jackets more form fitting that the other non-leather coats? I think that the bust may not fit....I'm 5'2" 110lbs with a 34 bust. If someone could please advise, that would be great.