Mackage leather jackets - how much stretch?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After years of lemming, I finally bought the Elie leather jacket in blue from Aritzia. The small fit perfectly, but the sales girls talked me into getting an XS because they said the jacket would stretch almost a full size. Did ppl find this true? I'm only afraid because the XS is almost uncomfortably tight.


    (as an aside, what do ppl think of blue as the colour for my first leather jacket? i know not as versatile as black, but i really liked the blue...)
  2. i haven't had any experience with mackage leathers, but my mike & chris did stretch a bit. i bought a size small that fit but was a bit tight when i wore it. after wearing it a few times, the leather stretched out so that it was still fitted but much more comfortable. kind of like it molded to my body.. kwim? i'm glad i got a small instead of a medium.
  3. what kind of blue?? a bright blue or navy blue??
    if it's navy blue...i think it's nice. not sure about bright long as you don't have problem mix and match...go for it.
  4. Mine stretched a little (in the bust area), but that was it. When I first got my jacket, I could hardly button up the jacket bc my bust was too big by an inch, but now the jacket fits like a second skin.
  5. I personally went with the larger of 2 sizes (I have the same jacket) I could have made work (a S and a M) and I'm glad I did because I don't like it when jackets are uncomfortably tight. The sales girls were also trying to talk me into a S lol... I think they like the very fitted look when it comes to leather jackets. I'm sure a leather jacket will stretch some, but if the S fits now, I don't think it will ever been too large for you.

    Personally I like the jacket in either gunmetal or black, but this is how my wardrobe ends up completely devoid of color. If you can rock the blue, keep it :smile: (But exchange for a larger size if you feel more comfy!)
  6. Thanks for everyone's responses! It sounds like the jackets don't stretch as much as the SAs said, so I think I'll go exchange it. It was a bit too type across the shoulders (ie when I moved my arms across my body).
  7. i think the shoulder should fit you, or else it'll be very uncomfortable when you raise your arm for a cup of might need a size up. mine fits at the shoulder...just not the body so i kept it...hopefully it'll stretch.
  8. ive had different experience with mackages .. ive had some stretch a lot and i've had some that stretch very little. Depending on the leather I think, I have a glazed leather jacket that didn't stretch at all but the soft buttery leather stretches about a half size.
  9. Mine hasn't stretched a lot. Mind you I bought it after xmas and I have worn it probably less than 15 times.
    I can tell you with that much wear it hasn't stretched noticeably at all.
  10. In general, leather will stretch and mold to the wearer.
    I usually get my leather jackets a bit on the snug side (making sure the shoulders fit properly though), as over time, they mold to my body and become a second skin.