Mackage Leather Jacket

  1. Heya, does anyone know where i can Mackage Spring/Summer 07' leather jackets from ( i think its called Lyria)? Im not from Canada or US so i need to go online.
    I have checked revolve and Saks and they dont seem to have it. Has anyone seem them around or have one?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone??:blush:
  3. So far I have only seen Mackage in Dubai (mall of the emirates) and never online. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you!
  4. yikes, good luck they do have beautiful jackets, but i'm from Canada so I don't know where to look besides here.

    Hope you find it!
  5. revolve sells mackage online, but i don't think they have that style
  6. sells mackage as well, but i don't know about that particular style.
  7. If it is the new Leslie you are looking for (totally HOT jacket) I would suggest doing a search on their website for stores that could be near your area - they will email you the results.

    I did this for stores in my area that carry Mackage -

    Good Luck - that is one beautiful leather jacket - I just love the collar; how unique that there is wire in it to make it stand up like it does. :idea: