Mackage Isa / Mackage Tessy / Juicy Swing Coat - Which One Should I Get? Size Help!

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Hi all,

    I saw some coats on sale and needed your help to decide which one I should get, or if I shouldn't get any at all.
    I was initially looking for a long black coat so ordered Tessy but my doubts on fit & 2 other coats I found make me think twice about getting Tessy.

    My size:
    5'4", 116lb, 32B
    tops xxs~xs,
    pants size usually 26, sometimes 25,
    dress 0~2, rarely 4.
    ***I have a huge bottom & thick legs compared to my torso.

    I have a Mackage short bomber in xxs and it fits me well. However,
    when I tried on one of their long trench in xxs, top part was roomy but could not button up the bottom 2 buttons. I think the trench was this one..


    So I am a little worried about getting a long coat from Mackage, but Tessy looks pretty!!!!

    Prices: Tessy - $390, Isa $297, Juicy $146
    Here are the pics!

    1.Tessy $390




    2. Isa - I'm considering ivory, $297


    3. Juicy coat $146


    I'm buying these w/o trying them on.
    Should I just pass & not get these? ;p
    Thanks for all ur input!!

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  2. I LOVE the Tessy. I've seen it in person and the texture on the coat is beautiful. I think the Isa is too plain and that Juicy coat looks much too boxy. The Tessy is the most chic of all of them too :smile:
  3. I'd say the Isa and Juicy coats. Mackage coats can be overwhelming if you're on the petite side.
  4. tessy!

    isa is cute too, but i only like it with the collar up.
  5. tessy
  6. Tessy I love.
  7. I love the tessy!
  8. love the isa!
  9. Isa in black
  10. Tessy!
  11. I LOVE the Isa, gorgeous! Especially in that ivory color!
  12. I think the Isa will be best for your height, plus it flares a bit at the waist which means it will likely fit your hips well.
  13. NOT Juicy.
  14. love love love Tessy!!!!
    sooo pretty!!
  15. I personally LOVE the Isa.