Mackage coats/jackets

  1. Is it cheaper to buy in Canada? Thanks.
  2. yes, it's cheaper in canada unless you find a good sale in the of the few things cheaper in canada!
  3. hfzshopgirl....good point! Yes, Mackage is one of the few things actually cheaper in Canada.
    If you ever go to Montreal at the right time, you'll find them for 50% off at the end-of-season sales! (I've never seen it that cheap in Toronto)
    Otherwise, I have only once seen them on sale at Off Saks.
  4. In the past Winter, I bought 2 Mackage coats. One from Bloomingdale's and one from Saks (Not the Off 5th). They both were priced at $600+ USD originally. I got them at under $300 each in Dec. and Jan. I am not sure how much they were sold in Canada but I think they were good deals to me.
  5. reg price in canada is usually about $500 - 600 cdn or so... the end of season sales in hfx tend to be the less popular sizes and styles. i wear XS so i buy early b/c they sell out quickly
  6. i find the shoulders very tight in mackage so you may want to size up. i can get away with XS b/c my shoulders are small, but my friend with broader shoulders had to size up even though she's smaller than me elsewhere.
  7. Thanks so much HFX! You're totally dead on. There was actually a store just down the street that sells Mackage so I ran down there and tried on a few jackets. All of them were really tight in the shoulders. They also had Mackage's lower priced line, Soia and Kyo which was also small in the shoulders. Really appreciate the help! :yes:
  8. no problem! :yes: