MACKAGE, Canada?

  1. Hey All...! :smile:
    i've got 2 questions!

    first of all, i'd like to have opinions on Mackage jackets on a whole.. :yes: recently i saw a beautiful leather mackage jacket, and i'm actually thinking of selling my blueberry balenciaga day to fund it :sweatdrop:. But do you think it's worth it? i'd LOVE to hear more about mackage!

    secondly, i've searched the forum already, and found out that it's cheaper to get mackage in canada, BUT... where can i get them? :confused1: seems like not every store has the same stock...which stores have the most? i know aritzia has them, plenty has them... anywhere else?

    TIA ladies!! :flowers:
  2. hey there! i bought a mackage coat (knee length wool with their signature large flip-up collar and leather belt and leather detailing on pockets) about two years ago and overall I loved it!

    - it was a great design -- i get the most compliments with this coat!
    - the leather detailing really makes the coat stand out
    - it's a great fit, especially for smaller people

    - if you read the materials label, if actually lacks any significant amount of virgin wool/cashmere given its price-tag, this means the coat is not extraordinarily warm (which should be okay, since you're in BC), but this also means that it's prone to pilling
    - mine started pilling only after a year...but i suppose it's not not too bad!

    you can find Mackage not only at Aritzia, but Holt's (here in Toronto anyway), I believe if you go onto the mackage website you can do a retail store check (otherwise, i believe Bleu Marine, another store here in TO and Montreal) has them as well.

    The bestest place to get it is in Montreal, in the odd chance you're ever there in person. When I went last February, they actually had them for 50% in some stores!
    Sorry for the long post, but hope it helps!
  3. I got a mackage coat this summer (gorgeous black thick wool with leather trim) at off fifth in raleigh north carolina for $200! They do end up at outlets in the off season but I think the quality is definitely worth full price, especially if you live in a very cold city. Montreal (where the design house is baseD) is insanely cold so the coats are made to withstand that!

    Eta that mine is at least very very warm. I need to look at the tag to check on the virgin wool though.
  4. Last year I got Black Jacket,inside had extra piece like a vest for extra warmth and on the collor it has real fox fur. I got lots of compliments. I love their models. Holts has it, Mendicino (probably I spelled wrong) has it ( recently saw at Bloor St. store) ,I bought mine at TNT blue and it was on sale hehe(Hazelton Lanes). Many places have it. very stylish coats
  5. I actually went to a Sample Sale in Montreal for Rudsack & they had tons of Mackage coats. I would also check Saks & Nordstrom websites as I have see Mackage coats on sale.
  6. I got one 2 years ago that sounds similar to Moi's. I love it. I thnk their styles are totally hot. I lived in NJ at the time and it was plenty warm for me. I moved to Souther California last year and I'm so bummed now that I can only wear when I go someplace cold during the winter.
  7. I bought a trench with a leather belt at Nordstrom on sale. It was the best fitting coat I have ever tried on and was reallt unique looking. Unfortunately I returned it. The buttons kept popping off (they were never reinforced with discs like a high quality coat should be), the leather belt frayed, and the stitching started getting loose. This is with just trying it on a few times - not regular wear. I love the designs but the quality on most of the coats I've seen were not worth the money. I would have kept it and had the button redone it is wasn't for all the loose stitching. I looked at some other coats when I returned it and saw similar wear.
  8. ^^ :shocked: that doesn't sound good! for that amount of money i would expect the coat to be no less than perfect!! :hrmm:
  9. If you really love it, I recommend buying it from an upscale department store. Places like Nordstrom will do repairs or allow you to return it if it falls apart.