Macbook - which one? first time mac buyer

  1. I'm looking for a mac laptop. I'm likely going to buy it used, on eBay or craigslist. I'm completely clueless when it comes to mac, as every laptop i've had was PC. Is there anything I should look for or make sure I don't get? I want an Air but don't want a 13" or smaller screen. I think I want a 15" screen. I also found this listing on CL:
    I'd love to get it for the laptop, so I could have Office & CS5 but not sure what Macs it would work with.

    Forgot to mention what I want to do with it:
    - I do web design/programmer/a bit of graphic design so I need to be able to install quite a few programs like CS5, Office, and a few smaller ones.
    - Browsing the net
    I don't really use Itunes or need to store music.
  2. Apparently waited too long to edit:
    - I don't plan to really go anywhere with it but do go on business trips a few times a year. Weight/portability not much of an issue. I'm used to toting around a 15" Toshiba.
  3. I have a 15" macbook pro and use it pretty much for what you are looking for. CS5, and office as well as some other programs. Unless you intend to use another screen for the bulk of your work dont go less than 15.

    I also use fusion (vmware) for work related software which is windows based. I started with parallels then almost fainted when the software crashed it. Worked fine in fusion.

    Weight will probably be the same. The mac is sleeker and slimmer but weighs over 5 lbs.
  4. Macbook pro all the way - I adore mine!!
  5. Neither. Get a high quality win PC for half the price.
  6. ^take your ANTI APPLE butt outta this thread Charles...LOL!

    I ADORE my macbook....once i got one,Ill never go back to any other brands.
    I have the 13 inch and travel alot with it...
  7. Go for MacBook Pro ...
  8. I have to agree with this sentiment, it will be hard to go back to a windows based computer (and at 40, this is the first Macbook I have owned).

    Alot of the things are just more simple and make more sense. Granted there is always room for improvement but that is how technology works, no?

    In addition to the mac which I plug to the network at work I also use a windows machine so some of the commands are a little confusing (the copy and paste etc.) but you get over it pretty quickly.
  9. Totally agree!!!!
  10. I love all my Mac stuff! LOL and I teach Windows!
  11. Get the Macbook Pro! I have the 13", you can always install Boot Camp to access Windows for any programs that only work on Windows. Otherwise, Macbook Pro all the way! It's like the best of both worlds but of course I'm bias here so I think the Mac side is better.

    I do photography, post editing, some movies on my Mac and I also go on the PC side of it to play my online games (MapleStory).

    Edit: BTW, when I used to do imaging on my old Sony Vaio PC laptop -- I had to constantly save my work in case it decided to go blue screen of death on me. Then finally, the Sony stopped working all together, didn't even turn on. That's when I switched to the Mac. So far I haven't had any problems with the MBP.

    Once you go Mac, you'll never go back xD--well I do, but that's because the computer at work is a PC so I don't have a choice.
  12. AMEN! Charles has some good points...but when it comes to my macbook pro, I'll defend it with my life, lol!

    I have the macbook pro, 13 inch and it's HEAVEN! I always had PCs (toshiba, dell etc) and will never go back. The 13 inch is a great size. I use it at home the majority of the time (my ipad is what I travel with). You could go 15 inch, but I think the 13 inch is big enough. The mac air is next up for me, but I wouldn't get it now for you, since it is really only good if you travel a ton.

    Enjoy your mac when you get it---it's wonderful. I have successfully gone 1 full year (knock on wood) without a virus and without breaking a laptop (and yes i've dropped this sucker many times!) :yahoo:
  13. I completely agree with you! I purchased a 13'' inch macbook pro (not knowing a thing about Macs btw) last July.... and I absolutely adore it! Best purchase ever! I don't think I'll ever purchase another PC again. I use a PC at work and just think of how wonderful my macbook is whenever something goes wrong with the it, lol.

    Macs are very easy and intutive to use. I debated for quite some time over the 13'' or the 15'' Macbook Pro... The guy at the apple store made the decision very easy for me. He asked me what I needed it for and i told him primarilly web browsing, word processing, storing images, music, etc. He told me the 13'' would be plenty for me. The 15'' was extremely powerful and more useful for those who edit graphics, films, etc.
    I wanted the bigger screen at first, but now I'm very happy with my decision. It's light, its portable, and anything bigger would have been unnecessary for me.
  14. If you need it for graphic design, get a 15" Macbook Pro. The 13 is more portable, but for graphics I think you'll want the larger screen capacity.

    I have a MacBook Pro and it's excellent-really powerful and fast. And the battery life is fantastic. I'm on my 2nd mac now :smile:
  15. Just trying to save the girl some money! :smile:

    Wonder how many of you PC haters have used a machine with Win7? And why is it when someone asks about a PC, you guys can get all in that and say "Mac, Mac, Apple, Apple", but you get mad when I do the same in a Mac thread?? Hmmm??

    To answer your question, OP, you might want to tell us what you want to do with your laptop so, the Apple fans can try to convince you to spend $500+ more dollars on a Macbook.

    Honestly, when it boils down to it, it's about the OS. Apple uses the same internals as a mid to higher end laptop manufacturer would. The only difference is the OS.