Tech MacBook Pro with new Intel processor?

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  1. I've posted on this subforum a few times about my search for a PC to be the partner to DH's MacBook. I bought and returned a Dell Netbook. I also looked at a Sony Vaio at Best Buy, but can't justify spending $1200 on a computer that I don't love. I'm a PC person, but maybe using DH's Mac for the past few months has changed that?

    DH suggested getting a computer that runs Windows better than his MacBook (i.e. a MacBook Pro), but they all still have the Intel core duo processors. Has anyone heard if Apple is going to introduce a MacBook Pro with the Intel i processors? They have the new processors in the iMacs already.
  2. netx upgrade coming in next few months
  3. Oooooh, how soon?
  4. Usually June...right?
  5. ^^ that's what i was thinking.
  6. Also, there are other PC's that run the new "I" Core processors aside from Sony.
  7. I know, but I haven't found anything that I like better than a Sony so far. I've already looked at and ruled out Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. (all with i processors).
  8. APPLE rules...
  9. there is supposed to be one soon like within a few weeks apple normally re-fresh the macbook pros every 8 months or so, it's probably going to happen once apple start pre-orders for the ipad sometime in March..
  10. The forum rumors are getting crazy now. Usually there is a refresh in February (Apple always releases laptops on Tuesdays) so every Tuesday people have been frantically waiting for the Apple store to update. BUT with the iPad coming out, there's discussion that it could be delayed. But all the buzz is pointing to something very soon.

    Also, why do you need to run Windows?
  11. We have to link into a program at work that doesn't work with the Mac OS yet. It's archaic.
  12. Ah makes sense. For the most part I haven't had any issues with programs on my Mac, but there's a few "small" or old ones that just aren't with the times :P
  13. I have been waiting since late January for the mb pro refresh.... i'm giving it to the end of march before i give up hope.

    I say that, but concievably, since I go on maternity leave in april, I could actually wait until just before the new school year for the refresh... i just don't want to hafta!
  14. It's definitely looking like June...