MacBook and MacBook Pro Who Has One??

  1. Okay so I have finally had it with my dell laptop :push:. I want to get an apple, I have already played around with them in the store and a few of my friends have have MacBooks. For those that have one did you get yours from the store or SO from the internet. I really don't want to wait for it to ship blah blah blah but is that a better option than the standard one that is in the store??
  2. I have a MacBook. I SO'd mine from the website to get an upgraded RAM and hard drive. What config are you looking at? More recently, the physical stores have been carrying some commmon SO configurations.
  3. I'm Stuck between the 13 in black macbook 2.16 GHz and the 15 in macbook pro 2.2GHz.
  4. I just SOed my MacBook !!! :smile:

    I"m very excited to get it possibly by Wednesday!
  5. I am waiting for my macbook pro 15" (base model) to arrive here .. it has almost been a month now ... it is the new model and has been popular but from reading on the MAC forum there have been some issues with the new screen e.g. from being all yellow to 1/3 screen being yellow:sad: Hopefully by the time mine arrives it will be sorted out as this is my first MAC in a long, long, long time.
  6. I just got my first Apple about a month ago. It's the white 13 in. Macbook 2.16 GHz. I ordered mine off their website and paid extra for two day shipping. Took me a few days to learn the OS but once you get the hang of it you'll love it. It's an awesome laptop! Definitely worth the money.
  7. Those are the standard configurations and don't need to be SO'd. You can go to the physical store to purchase them.
  8. i have the macbook pro. and personally i think getting it from the store is the way to go, so you know exactly what you're getting - i love it, it's a fantastic computer!
  9. I'm so excited- mine just came today :smile:

    But I've been using one at work for a year now so I know I love them.

    Now I just need a new bag to put the computer in... right???
  10. Both DH and I have MacBooks (mine is white and his is black) which we ordered from over the Internet last December because we upgraded some of the standard configurations.

    If you are a student or work in education, you are eligible for a discount. Also, when you purchase a new computer, you are eligible for a $100 rebate on select printers. They have one for $99 so it would essentially be free if you were interested.

    I love my MacBook and DH and I just convinced my parents to buy one for my sister. We are slowly converting everyone over from PC.
  11. My mom has the black one and I have the 15". They're both great! I ordered mine and mom picked her's up at the store. Right now is a good time to buy because if you're in Education you can get the free Ipod. You also get 99 dollar rebate for a printer. Have fun!
  12. I have a 13inch macbook and a 17inch macbook pro, I picked both up from the store :smile: With upgrading, they told me that its just a matter of a couple of hours, they just pop in the new part. The only thing is that it can be more expensive to do it in store because they charge you for the original part and then for the upgrade part...if that makes sense, like you pay for your original part included with your computer + upgrade, whereas when ordering online you only get charged for the upgraded version.

    I got the macbook pro first largely because of the pretty lightup keyboard. I love how it senses if you're in the dark and lights up, I'm a sucker for the little things. It is wayyy overkill on power for me because all I really do is light photoshop stuff and the net.

    I got the macbook because my bf needed a new computer just to take around with him that was low maint and functional so I got him one and decided to get myself one too since the price was good and its fun to dress the white ones up in cases. I have a hot pink hard case on mine now and its adorable :smile: Not the greatest reason to get a computer, but I've never regretted it.

    btw if you get any of them you should also get iKlear. It makes them look NEW again, especially the macbook since the white tends to get dirty. Comes right off!
  13. 17 inch macpro here luv luv luv it too or is it 15... one of the two
  14. I have a 15" MBP that I special-ordered. It's my beloved work and play machine, I'm a power user, and it still amazes me how much it can deliver.

    I recommend the build-to-order option. I believe in always putting in a larger harddrive and getting the fastest processor, as these are the two most annoying parts to change later. It's better to put a little more money into it here and there, as you'll appreciate the fact that it won't depreciate as quickly over the next few years. For the Macbook Pro, you also have the option to get a matte or glossy screen.

    I was pacing around waiting for mine to come, but it's really worth it. You can use the limbo time to tidy up your files for transferring and look at tutorials and other info for switchers.
  15. I didn't catch this before I posted. :smile:

    The main technical difference between the MB and MBP is that the MB does not have a dedicated graphics card, everything happens on the main processor. Which means that if you're doing something that is graphically heavy, the Macbook is not going to perform as well. This includes heavy Photoshop work (very large/complex files), high resolution video editing, and playing the latest 3D game.

    If you're a browse the internet/resize some snapshots/listen to music kind of person, the Macbook will do the job excellently. If you need the stronger guts, go with the Macbook Pro. The Macbook is also smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to carry around. You may want to go to a store to get the feel for each machine; I personally greatly prefer the feel of the MBP's keyboard and trackpad, but I've been using this style for five years so it's something I'm wedded to.