Macbook air cases!

  1. Hi!

    For all those that have the MBA! Do you guys use cases and sleeves? If so which ones? Please show!
  2. I just have a simple incase for it right now. I've been meaning to pick up a hard case from Amazon but keep forgetting!
  3. I have a purple skinny sleeve by Acme Made. I usually carry my 11" MBA in my purse, so this keeps it from getting bumped around/scratched.,51,24.htm
  4. liljake i really like that acme made, it keeps the mba slim and protected it.
    thanks for the link :smile:
    i really like the brown one, and it's a reasonable price as well
  5. I have the MBA 11'' and want a cute designer sleeve that is pretty thin. It seems to be very hard to find an 11" case. I found one by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Do you think I could use a 13" case or is that too much extra space?