Macassar Keepall Owners….a leather question

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  1. Can anybody out there help me with a Macassar Keepall leather question?

    I just purchased a Macassar Keepall 55 two months ago and have only used it once for a one-day car trip. I have not refolded it to store it, and am keeping it stored in full sized (and stuffed) position. I just noticed the other day that the two LEATHER pieces around the front/back of the bag, not the canvas, have taken on some wrinkling/creasing in a few areas. It's not cracking, but I prefer the smooth leather as it was when I bought it.

    Is this normal? Has it happened to yours? Or should I go back to the store and ask for a new one? Maybe this is just bound to happen? I'm not being picky, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong with it, and would love to hear personal ownership experiences. Thank you! :smile:
  2. It’s totally normal. The leather used on the traditional Macassar bags is very soft and will wrinkle. I prefer this leather much more than the rubberized leather used in other collections.
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  3. Fabuleux…Thank you. I'm so glad to know it's not a defect. Now that I know this will happen, I can look at it as a sign of the piece's uniqueness. Also, you're right….I hadn't thought about that rubbery leather look of the damier ebene/other collections. Good point.

    Happy New Year to you!
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  4. I think it totally normal. I seen someone who leather parts are wrinkled ALL over the the sides of the duffel bag except front end and back end details and the straps and handles. But it not bothering him. Perhaps it because it been used so much in traveling. :P
  5. Enjoy your bag! Macassar is my favorite collection. :loveeyes: I have the Keepall, the Davis tote, the Zack backpack, the Clarence, and the classic PDV. I also had the Christopher PM. I wish more bags would be released in Macassar.
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  6. Yes!!! It seems to be on the back burner. Either Graphite or Monogram Eclipse are getting full attention for releases. :annoyed:
  7. Wow! You have some gorgeous pieces! I agree with you….I really wish they'd release more Macassar. The black with the mono is so chic.

    So personally, do your Macassar pieces have wrinkles? Did it happen fast? I'm seriously hoping I didn't do anything wrong to speed this up. I know…I really am being neurotic after all :-s
  8. Wrinkles appear in areas where the leather bends. I don’t think you did something wrong. I really don’t obsess with my bags so I can’t really tell you when it happened. But I can tell you the natural wear of the leather is simply gorgeous (in my opinion). Macassar leather develops a lovely shiny patina.
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  9. Same here. I have been told now in three boutiques that it is normal. My 45 is immaculate and older. It sort of bugs me that the 55 has this but I am learning to live with it. As long as it is not a defect, I’m ok. It does beat the vachetta issues that could happen. Right? Here’s to enjoying our gorgeous bags!!