Macassar Davis on women

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  1. Hi, I'm considering buying the Davis as a laptop bag. Did any woman here buy it? Do you have some pics? I would be glad to hear your opinions. Thanks:smile:
  2. I am curious too, I think men bags are gorgeous, wish to see women mod. pict.
  3. I love the Davis, but now that I've seen the Kitan I think I want that instead. I love that there's no vachetta.
  4. Thanks, I'll have a look at that too :smile:
  5. well I own bosphore GM bosphore pouchette abbess bass mm and my new KItan--all of these bags are considered mens bags and I rock them!!!
  6. Thanks for your opinion :smile:
  7. I just looked at it and don't think it looks too masculine at all. I find most of the men's bags are pretty unisex and women could easily pull them off. I recommend looking at the Icare too though. It comes in mono, damier and graphite and is amazing as a laptop bag (it's not as bulky as it looks on the LV site; you can see a pic of Selena Gomez carrying it in the Celebs w/ LV thread).
  8. I love the mens' line bags, and am soon purchasing the Icare which is much bigger and bulkier than the Davis.

    I was in LV last week and tried on the Davis then too to see how Macassar looked on me (AMAZING!! I wish the Icare was available in Mac!) and it looked a fabulous style. It's slimmer look makes it less manly than other mens' bags, not so heavy in styling, and the Monogram canvas adds femininity.

    I say go for it! And if you don't like it, send it my way, I adored it..........! :graucho::winkiss:
  9. Thank you all! FrankieP you're really making me want one!:nuts:
  10. I have a few bags from the men's range and one of my most used is my escapade...I can't wait for the men's s/s range to be launched:smile:
  11. :P Thanks, I feel reassured! I'm not the only one interested in them!
  12. I love the men's bags and I think women could wear them too! I like the Davis and Kitan but my favourite is the Beauborg!
  13. Mowcam on the forum has a Davis, looks great on her. I have a graphite Daniel and love it:smile:
  14. Not at all!! I always loved how the mens' bags make functionality a higher priority than looks - I mean I adore a beautiful bag and have bought and sold many more than I can remember because I've fallen in love with it's looks; but I always find that the practicality is paramount for me, and if I can't wear it crossbody and I have to baby the delicate vernis or vachetta it really puts me off and I just don't use it. I'm not ladylike enough to be bothered with such things, I don't really do 'pretty', and I want to be able to fit all my stuff in there and maybe my Nikon too without having to play Tetris with my accessories to make them all fit, or so they don't stab me in the liver if I don't organise them right. Plus the mens' bags always suit my lazy jeans + Cons / boots style much better! :P