macao clutch vs. trousse?

  1. I'm not sure which one to get? I don't mind holding something in my hand or on my shoulder. What can each fit in comparision? TIA!

    I was hoping to fit:
    slim cell
    coin purse
    lip stuff

    maybe ludlow and or agenda if at all possible but in no means a deciding factor
  2. id go for the Macao for the extra pockets and compartments.
  3. It looks like the Trousse might fit more. The Macao has a visual on the LV site that shows the inside. It looks like it would fit a good amount too and has organization, but the Trousse is taller so it might fit a couple larger items.
  4. The Trousse would hold a fair amount.
  5. I have the Macao Clutch and it holds a ton of stuff. I keep cash in one of the slim inside pockets (on one side of the inside is two pockets and then one on the opposite side.) I can also keep my Razr on the opposite inside pocket plus a earpiece. The inside of the purse can hold a ton of stuff, and then I use the outside zipper pocket on the front of the Macao to hold my license and credit cards.

    The back of the Macao has an additional pocket BUT I don't really keep anything in it because I had a business card fall out from in it, so I probably would only keep paper (notes) if I needed to.

    I love the Macao. You can also take it with you on trips and use it to hold small items in a tote bag, then use the Maco in the evening as a clutch.

    Here's some pics that I posted in an earlier thread about the Macao:

    Good luck with your decision!!