1. does anyone use Mac foundation (dry powder) ? what do you think of it and what type of skin do you have?

    I'm thinking of taking the plunge....
  2. It made me breakout(Studio Fix and the Select Liquid one with Spf in it). I'm ok with the Blot Powder, though. It never breaks me out and really stops the shine. Good stuff. :smile: Btw, I have oily acne prone skin.
  3. I used to wear the Studio Fix...I loooooved it because of the great coverage. I never liked to wear foundation and the powder was great because it had foundation in it. But, after wearing it for like 3-4 years it just got to be too heavy for me and really started to cause me break out and clog my pores.
    I just recently switched to Bare Minerals and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! :biggrin:
  4. I have oily acne prone skin and the StudioFix powder foundation worked terribly for me. It looked fine when I put it on but as soon as my skin got oily, the color changed. I also hated how it felt on my skin and it made me break out. I love MAC's blot powder though. It's very light and natural.
  5. I've used Studiofix powder foundation for years. It does have great coverage. My skin is very oily. I'll still get some break-through oil with it, but to minimize that, I first apply Matte, which is a product in a little tube that helps to keep the oilies away.

    I've been using Chanel Double Perfection (I think that's the name) for a about a month, and I think I'm liking that a little better than the MAC Studiofix.
  6. I dont have an issue with break outs, so maybei 'll give it a try. Thanks
  7. thank you, i'll keep that in mind.
  8. i'll have to keep the blot powder in mind. i'm going on monday for a makeover ( is that what they call it) they will show/ apply the makeup so i can see what to use.
  9. Interesting, I'll check that matte out too. Otherwise i dont have a chanel near me, i'd have to travel to Toronto for that and still not sure where i could locate it.
    But thank you for the suggestion.
  10. I use the Studio Fix stuff and have been using it for years and I love it. My skin is super dry so I just put a thin lotion on my face and then put the Studio Fix on over top and it covers great without looking too heavy.

    I always find you can't go wrong with MAC. :yes:
  11. ^^ thank you. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes.
  12. studio fix has AMAZING coverage for a powder and it's so easy to wear (so many colors!)...but it gave me little clogged bumps when i wore it every single day. when i only wear it a couple of times a week, it does ok. also, if i only apply it with a brush it's ok but the coverage isn't as good. i have very pale dry sensitive skin.
  13. I have dry sensitive skin too so I apply with a brush to avoid my skin flaking off from the sponge. If you apply a thin layer of lotion before brushing the powder on then it covers better and stays on longer. :yes:
  14. I used studio fix and applied w/ a brush...It was great! ... I used it for a long time until I met Bare Essentuals bare minerals.
  15. thanks i'll keep that in mind.