MAC vs. Chanel Brushes

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  1. Howdy gals-

    Just got a makeover at the MAC counter today and bought a couple brushes along with my products. Upon looking at my receipt, I was surprised at just how much they cost. As someone who is generally a "Chanel guy", my first thought was: I could have bought Chanel for the same price. Chanel brushes come in pretty boxes with nice velvet pouches, but I believe they're made in China. MAC's French and Japanese-produced brushes come in dinky little plastic sleeves. Not that packaging matters assuming the brush works well, but I do like the pouches for traveling.

    For the record, makeup is pretty new to me, and I'm still mostly skincare-focused. I have no idea which is superior, so opinions are greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. I have never used a Chanel brush, but as for MAC, I love them, they are so soft, and hold up really well. I know some people think they are expensive, but I would say the price pays off after awhile, since they last. I also know MAC brushes aren't the "best" on the market since Hokuhodo (spell check) are supposed to be the most amazing brushes ever.
  3. I love Chanel brushes -- been using them for many years now -- I'm sure other brands have great brushes, too, but I'm sticking with Chanel!!
  4. I like both, I am not brand exclusive when it comes to brushes. I have several different brands and love them all.
  5. I have both Chanel & MAC brushes (as well as other brands), and I prefer MAC's brushes over Chanel's.
  6. I've never used Chanel brushes. For department store brushes, Chanel was never on the 'radar' for recommended brushes, so never tried. I have Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy & Laura Mercier, but mostly MAC. They are soft & they have a variety of brushes that are perfect for certain looks I want to achieve. Some of my brushes were purchased in the 90s and I still use them. And they always came in the plastic sleeve. I might have to try a Hakuhodo (sp?) brush due to the raves here on TPF.
  7. Both are OK. Leaves me a little itchy.

    My faves are brushes from Japonesque. But my preferred dept store brand is Trish McEvoy (except their Powder brush - too itchy).
  8. I have a mix of MAC, Bobbi Brown, and TrishMcEvoy.

    I didn't care for the Chanel brushes when I tried them out.
  9. I own Chanel and Mac brushes, but my absolute favorites are from Trish McEvoy
  10. I have different brands (Chanel, Mac, Nars, etc) and some have their "stand outs'. I guess it depends on which brush and your preference.
  11. when i asked this question to a MUA who loves Chanel... he said that Chanel is excellence mark for make-up, fragrance, fashion, jewelery and skincare but i suggest MAC brushes...
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  12. I have MAC and Smashbox brushes and find that they both work quite well (though admittedly I have many more MAC brushes than Smashbox). I have to say, MAC brushes really stand the test of time. My 217 and 242 brushes are close to eight years old and still work just as well as they day I bought them.
  13. If it has to be one or the other, MAC beats Chanel IMO. But I think if you're willing to pay MAC/Chanel prices, you might as well go with Hakuhodo. I was mainly a MAC brush user until I tried Hakuhodo, and now I'm saving to switch all my daily brushes over to Hakuhodo. Their brushes are amazing.
  14. I have MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes. Both have lasted for many years.
  15. Yep, Hakuhodo trumps them all!