MAC Viva Glam hits the 100 million mark to fight HIV/AIDS!

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  1. I adore MAC lipglasses and wanted to share my excitement with my purchases today. I picked up lovechild and Viva Glam VI (yay for a refill!), and my fab SA (he had the hottest lavender eyeshadow on and with his dark skin...he was freaking fabulous looking today dammit!) was very excited because we both like the Viva Glam program and we were talking about MAC's Viva Glam program raising over 100 million dollars in its existence from only selling lipglosses and lipsticks!

    I am going to post what MAC's website says:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Established in 1994 by M·A·C Cosmetics, the M·A·C AIDS Fund supports men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. Introducing its first VIVA GLAM lipstick that same year, M·A·C decided that every cent of the selling price of the VIVA GLAM lipsticks would go to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. With a total of six shades of Viva Glam lipstick and two shades of Viva Glam lipglass now sold worldwide, and through the annual Kids Helping Kids Card Program, M·A·C Cosmetics has provided over $100 million (US) to date for the M·A·C AIDS Fund. The M·A·C AIDS Fund is the heart and soul of the company – with its employees giving their time, energy and talent to help those affected by HIV/AIDS worldwide.

    So, I think that this is an amazing thing and I love seeing companies that do things like this. Some of you may have not known about Viva Glam so I just wanted to share! Oh and he said they are coming out with a new lipstick color soon for 08! :yahoo: But he hinted that it's probably going to be in line with that whole mod look - dramatic eyes and bare lips, so it will be a combo of nude and pink but mostly nude tone. That's not really my style...but maybe if they make a new lip gloss I will get it!
  2. Awesome! I'm glad they're doing something good with all the profits. I only own one MAC eyeshadow (Black Tied), but have been tempted to buy the little Viva Glam compact with the 3 lipcolours and mini lipbrush. It's so cute! I also eyed a beautiful gold-ish eyeliner and some more stuff but new purchases will have to wait.

    Congrats on your new lipglasses!! Enjoy!!
  3. Fantastic Bravo:yahoo: that is wonderful what they are doing
  4. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! It seems like AIDS has become less of a glamour charity lately-I'm so glad MAC is keeping on!
  5. Dita Von Teese is one of the spokesmodels, as well as Eve.

    The spokesmodels help keep the program rolling along. As well as us, the customers, that keep buying the product!!!

    Also keep in mind that the Viva Glam colors are never done being produced - once they make them, they are always available. That way you can get your favorites from years past.

    I really hope they make more lipglasses!
  6. Dita and Eve were on ugly Tyra's show sponsoring for MAC...i really wish i wore makeup so i could help....but i'm glad it's for a good reason!!!!!!!!
  7. I bought the warm Viva Glamorous palette, the l/g and l/s V are so worth it. To be honest I just bought it to try the color lol
  8. I had no idea. Well I love makeup, so I might stop by my MAC counter on the way home
  9. Viva Glam VI lipglass is very pinky sparkly neutral, and Viva Glam V is more of a nude neutral with a bit of shimmer. They are fun! Lots more lipsticks to choose from each year of VG's existence. Have fun!!!!
  10. Outstanding!!:tup: lord knows I've helped contribute;)
  11. yay!! I bought their red viva glam lipstick after hearing the profits went to this cause!
  12. Hooray!!! That is awesome!!!!! :smile: I hope you enjoy wearing it too. I love that ALL the proceeds go straight to the foundation, so we wear beauty products that 100% benefits others!
  13. That is awesome.
  14. It's awesome to see companies give back and help in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Every little bit helps. Reading that makes me love MAC even more!
  15. Awesome!