MAC users -- smileys in emails??

  1. I have tried to insert smileys in emails using the email code, for instance in photobucket, but they just show up as a print link. Is there a program (like incredimail) that works on macs? Perhaps a way to insert smileys I just don't know/understand?

    Thanks for any tips. :tup::ty:
  2. I'd like to know as well. Hope we find some answers :yes:
  3. Me too! It's hard writing emails when you don't have smilies!
  4. I was looking at incredimail a while back and it seems that they do have a version for MAC. i haven't DL it and am not sure if it works with leopard. if anyone does DL it and it works, please post. Thanks;)
  5. I can't find a Mac version on the incredimail website. :s
  6. Shanam - Do you happen to have that page bookmarked by any chance? I contacted Incredimail awhile back & they said they didn't have a Mac version out & they don't know when they would have it either :sad:
  7. Hrm. I may be having 5am delusions of grandeur, but I think that writing an "insert smilies into mail" app wouldn't be that hard to write. I'm busy with teaching until the end of the semester, but if nobody finds a solution I may try my hand at it.
  8. You would think Apple would have smilies, wouldn't ya? I can't believe it sometimes lol :wtf: