Mac users come on in and help out a newbie!

  1. So I just got my first iMac...I have never even seen one up close, now it's nestled happily on my desk.
    Now what? I have no idea how to use it so I'm running Bootcamp and installing Windows as we speak- anyone have any tips and tricks for me please:flowers:?
  2. Well first set everything up. If you are unsure as to how, just call the apple help number. It should be on the receipt and the somewhere on the box. But if you really cannot get used to the Mac, you can always install Windows. There are a few I know vaguely of. Some are free and will require you to reboot before the system starts as Windows, and there is one where you can buy. With that one, you can switch back and forth from Apple to Windows with a click of a button.
  3. The tabs are at the bottom... dunno, iMac come comes with everything you may need. Maybe as soon as you boot up, click on the apple on the upper left hand corner and do a system update? Other than that besides iMac browser "Safari", if you like "Firefox" or "explorer" (or others) better, just download the new browser off the net.

    Enjoy your new system! I love mine!
  4. Wow, congrats! The iMac is so hot :love: I love OSX, and I have not used Windows at all since the day I got my first mac - OSX is just so superior, so I suggest that you take some time to get to know it before you decide to install Windows.

    If you still feel that you want to install windows, there are several tutorials out there that explains how to use bootcamp to install windows and OSX. :yes:
  5. Thanks so much all!
    I just partitioned the drive to half and half- that way, I won't have to buy Photoshop for Mac which would be almost $800:push:. Bootcamp seems remarkably easy so far.
    I guess I'm just confused at the way the Mac handles things so far, I have been a PC girl for so's running smoothly so far (the first one I brought home was defective, ouch!) but any little tips to make it easier to handle or learn are great..
  6. I love my mac and haven't missed windows at all! my brother runs both on his mac but only b/c he likes the windows version of quicken better... i don't have bootcamp yet - haven't upgraded to leopard but i hear it's great!
  7. Woo I just got a Mac too! After some problem with connecting the internet and getting through the whole administrator ordeal and MSN, I am now very happy with it! I don't think I could ever go back to a PC! :heart:

    Just one questions.... I have an iPod and used it on a PC before, but instead of downloading all the songs again on my mac, is there a way to transfer the songs? Thanks! :smile:
  8. CONGRATULATIONS on your move... I made mine in 2003 and I shall never go back. There are many different sites that can help do whatever it is you wish...

    Gone are the days of non-responsive programs, slower loading of the internet and horrible graphics.

    The sky is the limit, and Google is your closest friend!

    Congrats again!!!!!
  9. Try this link... its a tutorial:

    Or, you might want to Google "Transferring music from IPod to Computer"

    (Mods, sorry if the I wasnt supposed to post the link.)
  10. Hmmm... I still have "Tiger".
  11. I visited tutorial sites before my Mac (PowerBook) arrived, and that helped me a lot. The rest is just a learning curve. You will get used to it faster than you think, and love it thereafter! Congrats!
  12. it's super easy really just turn it on and it goes basically. I have had mine for not quite a year and it is the best thing ever. I will never go back to PC. Great choice and enjoy :smile:
  13. Gosh, I just turned mine on and went from there! I upgraded from being a longtime PC ONLY user to a Mac this year and it's fantastic!

    Sounds like you're an awful lot more advanced than I, if you're partitioning drives and running Windows on part of it, so I don't really have any tips to pass along. It's really that intuitive, at least it was for me. The only thing I am not in love with is the fact that Safari can be a little fussy at times.
  14. I just installed 10.5 OS and I love it. I have a powerbook. Congrats on your new mac! I don't use Windows, I have always been a Mac user and always will be. It is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. I think it's easier and more reliable than Windows. Don't install windows on it, try out the Mac OS first and take time to get used to it and I am sure you will love it as much as everyone else who uses it.
  15. Thanks for the site!! :smile: